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Working from home makes it easy to forget normal life. We take calls from under the covers, wear the same sweatpants three days in a row, and watch in-laws become flies on many meeting’s walls. But there’s one daily routine that remains the same: Lunch.

Because a precariously balanced work and home life leaves us busier than ever, taking time to nourish ourselves could make the difference between a productive and chaotic day. Forever the reliable favorite, sandwiches are the easiest (and tastiest) option for a quick meal. Read on for ten recipes can take care of your cravings without asking too much of your packed schedule. 

Chicken Banh Mi Sandwich

Photo Courtesy of Pickled Plum

Pickled Plum’s healthy take on a classic Vietnamese dish will certainly add some much needed excitement to your week. The fresh veggies mixed with hearty, marinated chicken will give you the sustenance you need to take on the rest of the day without bogging you down.

Date + Guava Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Photo Courtesy of Food Heaven Made Easy

There’s no better way to brighten up a drab afternoon than with a hit of sweet and savory. The Grilled Cheese Sandwich, your tried-and-true favorite, is getting a glamorous makeover by adding new flavors to punch it up.  Pro tip? Make extra date and guava spread–you’ll want to snack on it for days.

Marinated Veggie Cheese Sandwich

With this healthy yet filling sandwich from Half Baked Harvest, you might give the second meal of the day its due. Fresh thyme leaves, baby arugula, sliced provolone, goat cheese, and garlic intertwine with marinated veggies like yellow summer squash and fresh sun-dried tomato pesto. You’ll gladly take your whole lunch hour to enjoy it. 

Hummus Havarti Veggie Sandwich

Speaking of bright summer sandwiches, this option from How Sweet Eats is just as irresistible. Everything seasoning and pepitas are sprinkled on two buns, which hold together slices of tomatoes, cucumbers, avocados, carrots, and red onion. Microgreens, Havarti cheese, hummus, and pesto round out the mix. 

Smoked Salmon Cucumber Tea Sandwiches

If you are someone who eats light around noon, this recipe from Joyful Healthy Eats will appeal to you. Cream cheese, garlic powder, and dill are combined into a spread that tops cookie-size circles of bread. Cucumbers, smoked salmon, and fresh dill are then piled on, making for an effortlessly impressive yet not-heavy lunch. 

Avocado Chickpea Salad Sandwiches

There are sad salad desk lunches, and then there’s this option from The First Mess: It takes all of the components of a hearty salad and delivers them in a convenient sandwich form. Cooked chickpeas, ripe avocados, chopped celery, and minced dill are formed into a mixture and added to lettuce for easy-to-eat wraps. Sliced cucumbers and radishes can be included, too. 

Heirloom Tomato, Basil, and Manchego Toast

If you’re looking to make the most of ripe tomatoes this summer, why not take a cue from Half Baked Harvest and work them into a toast? In this recipe, rustic bread forms the basis of the meal, and then heirloom tomatoes, grated Manchego cheese, cherry tomatoes, garlic, and basil are added on top. Just try not to make this recipe every day this week. 

Green Goddess Grilled Cheese Sandwich

A warm grilled cheese sandwich will always be comforting, and if you’re working from home, this recipe from The Modern Proper might be just what you need to get through the rest of the day. Avocado, spinach, asparagus, sprouts, and green goddess spread is mixed with mayo, butter, and mozzarella between two slices of French bread. The sandwich is then cooked until the bread is golden and the cheese is melted. 

Roasted Caprese Burrata Sliders 

For those of us who are working through summer weekends, perhaps this recipe from Half Baked Harvest can at least provide a sunny break. Cherry tomatoes are roasted with garlic, peppers, and olive oil, and then brioche buns are toasted. When everything is ready, the sandwiches are assembled with burrata, basil, and balsamic vinegar. 

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