Be Honest: Would You Live in This Tiny Orb-Shaped Home?

Well, you can.

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Even if you can’t ever imagine downsizing your life enough to live in one, there’s something appealing about tiny homes. The prospect of fitting everything you could possibly need into a small, futuristic-looking package is one that merits pause or at least a moment of appreciation. That’s precisely why we’re enthralled by the Ecocapsule, which Dwell reports is now available for purchase in the United States.

We have to ask: Would you live in this tiny white orb?

Yes, the Ecocapsule, designed by Slovakia-based Nice & Wise, is quite small. But it does contain the things you’d need to live a relatively normal, albeit extremely downsized life. It has a kitchenette with a heating plate and fridge. It has a bed that folds out so you can sleep comfortably and folds in when you’d like to use it as a sofa instead. It has some storage space, but, again, this is a tiny house. You’re going to have to seriously Kondo if you want to live in it.

courtesy of ecocapsule

But consider! You can live in a sprawling expanse of nature or even directly on a beach. You can even place an Ecocapsule on top of a skyscraper if you want to test to see if you’ve finally gotten over that childhood fear of heights (and if your landlord will ever notice that you’ve taken up residence on the roof). All the while, you can enjoy your own personal bean-shaped cocoon, into which you can burrow and enjoy your minimalist life in peace.

Seriously though: Studies have shown that anyone living in a tiny home is bound to live a more eco-friendly life; this abode in particular is made for off-the-grid, environmentally conscious living. The water tank has a UV light and filtration system that makes it possible to transform rain into drinkable and bathable water. A wind turbine and solar panels give you all the electricity you need—even enough to turn on the unit’s AC.

An Ecocapsule will set you back about $90k, but for some, the chance to live in a vessel that looks straight out of some new Netflix sci-fi show you’ve been meaning to watch but haven’t gotten a chance to yet is priceless.

So, would you take the plunge?

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