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Just when we thought tiny homes were on the out, a slew of new pint-size abodes are providing living small is here to stay. Just last month, Swiss designer Yves Béhar debuted his itty-bitty prefab house with a minimalist-modern twist. Now, a design studio out of the Czech Republic has taken the miniature housing trend to an almost microscopic level with the release of a 70-square-foot home. But did we mention it’s pink?

Dubbed Magenta for its Barbie-pink exterior shade, the model abode from tiny homes architect Pin-Up House manages to pack a ton of color and plenty of amenities into a compact space. According to the company, Magenta was created as a “manifesto of temporary independent housing against debt and mortgages.” We already have a sweet spot for pink homes, but the fact that this adorable retreat will also free you of bills is an added bonus.

The heat-insulated structure sits on a flat trailer, making it portable for tiny home dwellers who want to live on the go. It also includes room for a functioning kitchenette, toilet, sofa bed, and added storage. The only catch? You’ll have to build Magenta yourself.

Designed as a DIY project of sorts, customers can currently snag the house plans for $79. But the rest is up to them. According to Business Insider, the project can be pulled off for $10,000, with materials costing around $2,000 and labor for $8,000.

Even if you don’t think your DIY skills are up to par, this is one craft project that’s certainly worth every penny.

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