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If the thought of living in a quaint, tiny home has struck your fancy, good news: Swiss designer Yves Béhar has teamed up with housing company Plant Prefab to release a line of customized, extra-small houses that can be built in a month and installed in just a single day.

With minimalist, versatile interiors, these LivingHomes aren’t the tiniest of tiny—in fact, for those used to the average New York City apartment, they seem rather spacious—and they do offer all the amenities you’d look for in a normal home. Owners can opt for floor plans that include a kitchen, a living space, a bedroom (yes, with a door!), and a bathroom, in addition to selecting lighting, kitchen and laundry appliances, and other interior finishes.

The homes all use eco-friendly building materials that are made to last and include design features that improve energy efficiency. Large windows provide a ton of natural light, and two different roof options optimize heat flow, based on the outdoor climate. Some custom homes can even be outfitted with solar panels to help owners save money on energy costs while also reducing their carbon footprint.

With the cost of the tiny homes coming out to around $280,000 (plus an additional $100k or so for installation, permits, site prep, etc.), they aren’t as cheap as say, a renovated airstream, but they do offer a more affordable option for those who do wish to own their own house. Plus, with their sleek, modern design, LivingHome houses don’t sacrifice style for the price tag—and because of that, they could very well change the housing market as we know it.

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