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Remember when Amazon started selling a tiny home for $36,000, and we thought that was revolutionary? Well, now, it’s set the bar even higher for itself: Per Apartment Therapy, the retailer is selling another, even better tiny home. Upgrading to the better model will set you back around $65,000… but hey, at least you’ll be in on the tiny living trend. And living your best, clutter-free minimalist life in the process.

The home in question is 399 square feet, and has an open floor plan that spans one bedroom, one bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room. It’s eons ahead of the $36,000 tiny home, which can best be described as a tin container that looks like one of those trailer classrooms you might find in the parking lot of a high school. Not a ton of curb appeal with that one.

In addition to a more home-like layout and style, the 399-square-foot home even has a covered porch with enough space for a smaller outdoor dining room set or your favorite patio furniture. While none of the furniture included in Amazon’s photos comes with the home, the images clearly show there’s enough room for furnishings: You’ll just need to try your hand at some creative small space hacks to maximize the square footage.

Some of the items that may induce headaches for tiny home buyers are also included. For example, this home comes complete with plumbing and electric built in, so all you need to do is hook up your water and sewage on site, and you’re ready to go. According to the reviews, there’s an option to add in a washer/dryer unit for $895. The kitchen cabinets and appliances are also built into the home, so you can customize your tiny kitchen any way you want, without having to deal with the fee of building an entirely new one.

At $64,999, plus a pretty hefty shipping fee, this home isn’t cheap. But for someone looking to downsize and simplify—and for someone who welcomes the flexibility of a home on wheels—it may be just what they need.

This particular house comes courtesy of Titan Park Homes, a company specializing in small houses. Amazon actually also lists several other model homes on its site, so if this park model RV isn’t your speed, you have options. We’re personally quite into this quaint-looking cabin, measuring in at 113 square feet and priced at a comparably cheaper $4,490.

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