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Have hanging shelves and

temporary wallpaper

been flooding your Pinterest feed as of late? According to Pinterest’s trend forecast, which offers insight on the most searched and saved ideas right now, small-space decor is on the rise. This is one seasonal trend we can’t help but happily approve.

While other of-the-moment cravings include herb-infused water and curly bangs, chic solutions for tiny dwellings have caught our full attention. With many dedicated Pinners currently heading back to school and moving into decidedly cramped dorms and apartments, it’s no surprise that these sleek fixes are spiking.

So, what are the current small-space crowd pleasers?


Stand-Alone Bookcases

Bibliophiles lacking square footage are finding solace in floating bookcases. For tenants holing up in a studio apartment, a floating bookcase not only helps divide one room into two separate and private spaces, but it can also act as a unique focal point when styled with favorite reads and personal knick-knacks.

Photography by NINA CHOI

Momentary Wall Coverings

Renters who can’t paint and paste as they please are turning to temporary wallpaper and washi tape to stay sane. Pinners are currently obsessing over non-permanent ways to add a touch of color to a temporary home that’s lacking in the design department.

Photography by Anne Marie Photography

Hovering Shelves & Headboards

Finally, only-on-the-wall space savers, like hanging shelves and headboards, are experiencing a search and save spike. Clean floors help maximize room for storage and make for a zero-trip and clutter-free space.