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Does the idea of dorm decor evoke thoughts of ugly brown cabinets, struggles of finding a stylish Twin XL bedspread, and images of cramped, small-space living? We feel you: Those are pretty much the only memories we have of our college digs, too. But these days, trendy dorm decor is a real thing, and there are so many options out there that span all your bedding, lighting, and home decor needs.

Not only are these affordable pieces ideal for the broke college student and also the broke college graduate looking to fit the most into their small space, they’re a mix of pretty much every style out there—so you’re bound to find the perfect option for your aesthetic. Check out our favorite finds ahead, and stock up before they (inevitably) sell out.

Blush Fur Lumbar Pillow, Room 422, $95

Think sheepskin without the high price point: This textured option comes in a striking millennial pink you’ll actually want to display.

Prisma 22-Inch Mirror, Dormify, $99

Forget those boring old rectangular mirrors you knew as a teenager: This one boasts fabulous 3D wire edges that give it a glam edge, and it can be hung both vertically or horizontally, depending on wall space. It can be used as a countertop tray, too.

Prussian Colorblock Pillow, Room 422, $70

The deep blue on this colorblock pillow is offset by a pure white edge, and even comes with the insert included. We like playing with one color for a mod look, but you can mix and match if you so choose—there are so many options to pick from.

Estique OTD/Wall Accessory Organizer, Dormify, $30

The major issue with living in a dorm is the lack of space, so you have to utilize everything—from the walls to the floor—to keep all your items in place. We love this mini vanity hung on a closet: It provides a small mirror and space to apply your makeup, while also working as a jewelry organizer or accessory holder.

LED Neon Heart Sign, Dormify, $60

Neon lights are all the rage, and they add such a subtle touch of color to even the dullest of dorm rooms. Place it on your nightstand for some mood-inspired reading light, or on your desk for an accent piece.

Ruth Prussian Headboard, Room 422, $145

Hate to break it to you, but not all dorm beds come with headboards—however, once you see the geometric twist on this version, you might not care so much. Soft foam allows for an easy place to rest your head, and the velcro makes sure it sticks to the wall with ease.

Blue Ombre Area Rug, Dormify, $119

Nothing makes a space feel more like home than a soft rug, and this one will definitely do the trick. The ombre look will tie your entire space together without being too dramatic, allowing for a welcoming feel.

Tall Task Lamp, Dormify, $75

Mixing form and function (and also offering pretty much any color you’d want), this sleek desk lamp won’t take up too much space on your teeny desk. The matte finish gives it a modern look, and the all-white interior amplifies light so that you’re never squinting away in the dark, trying to finish that term paper.

Cactus Pillow, Dormify, $36

Playful prints can be a low-commitment way to style up an otherwise boring piece of dorm furniture, and the black and white look is super easy to match with just about anything. Pair with more black and white pillows if you’re going monochrome, or let it be the sole conversation starter on an otherwise empty sofa or bed.

Hub Ladder, Dormify, $100

With a multi-hued aesthetic—soft tan and white give it a chic, Scandi-inspired look—this stylish ladder is perfect for storing pretty much anything. Place it against your window to make a dramatic statement, or use it to hang your blankets, throws, or even clothes.

White Eyelash Stripe Comforter and Sham Set, Dormify, $139 for Twin and Twin XL

Finding chic bedding that will fit those oddly-sized dorm beds is a real challenge—and one that Dormify aims to fix. This recently launched option plays with texture to offer a white comforter and sham set that’s anything but boring.

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