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If you haven’t fallen on the virtual design bandwagon yet—seriously, everyone’s doing itHutch might be just the thing to change your mind. The home decor app launched earlier this year in order to make decorating your space so easy, you won’t even need a designer. Here’s how it works: You upload a picture of your room, or skip this step and choose one of the app’s custom templates. You’ll receive a 3D rendering of the room as a blank slate in less than an hour. Then, you can start designing by swapping out different items to see what looks best in your own space. Once you have your final design, you can even buy the products used to translate your fantasy into a real-life room refresh.

If that sounds too good to be true, trust us: It’s not. In fact, Hutch founder and CEO Beatrice Fischel-Bock recently designed her Los Angeles home using only the app’s furniture suggestions and themes in a single week—and there was no designer in sight.

“It was super fun and easy, and I was shocked by how quickly I was able to design the different rooms in my home, purchase new products, and have it all truly come together in about one week,” Fischel-Bock tells Domino. “I took a photo of my room, received a cleared out 3D render of the space, and then, within 20 minutes, I was swapping out products to see what looked best in my space. I did this for my bedroom, living room, and dining room. Once I was happy with my final designs, I purchased the products all through Hutch.”

Fischel-Bock’s West Hollywood home was very chic and minimalist to begin with, and that blank canvas was precisely what she needed to truly let her experimental side run free. Particularly striking is the

gallery wall

behind the headboard, for which Fischel-Bock mixed and matched paintings to create a truly personalized feel.

“My mom is an artist, so I have picked up art throughout the years from my travels and visiting local flea markets,” she says. “I used Hutch to find the newer art (Isabelle Feliu, $65.99), and mixed and matched styles and mediums to give the wall a collected feel. Not everything may go perfectly for everyone, but art is truly personal, and I surround myself with pieces that make me happy.”

Those pieces added just enough personality without overshadowing the space, and the feminine touches continued with the white walls and bedding, and the rose gold accent accessories throughout the space. Fischel-Bock says, “I wanted to create an elevated and feminine feel, different from the other rooms in my home, yet still evoke a sense of relaxation—along with a touch of style and personality, of course.”

And although the rooms in her home are quite different from one another, each still maintains Fischel-Bock’s breezy California style. The living room, for instance, has a more rustic touch with tinges of brown and beige, but the cream sofa and crisp white walls prevent it from being too stuffy.

“As the house is small, the living room is the best size area to entertain. I wanted it to be a relaxing space that would spark interesting conversation with friends,” Fischel-Bock says. “Pink is a favorite color of mine, so having the chair (Cost Plus World Market, $259.99) helps add that touch without the room being overly feminine.”

Other stylish touches include a copper-plated, unconventional coffee table, bohemian chic pillows with gorgeous patterns, and a soft throw on the sofa. In the corner, the aforementioned chair makes a statement, while the selection of (what else?) art and unconventional lighting (West Elm, $299) spruce up an otherwise overlooked area.

The dining area is similarly relaxing, but with a natural element added to the mix: Think bamboo chairs and tons of plants. Says Fischel-Bock of the space, “One of my favorite trips was to Tulum, so I wanted to bring the beach vibes into the space. Even though it has a different feel than the rest of the house, it all works together. I don’t cook as much as I would like with my hectic travel and work schedule, but now I am inspired to host more dinner parties.”

The star of the space is definitely the jute lamp shade (World Market, $37.49), while the large windows further help to bring the outside in.

This outdoorsy theme continues to the kitchen, where the green tile is immediately eye catching. It was entirely the landlord’s doing before Fischel-Bock moved in, and something she worked with while planning out the rest of her home.

“I was looking to do an overall refresh of my space. For my bedroom, my goal was to create a feminine, relaxed, and stylish feel. For my living room, and for my entire home, I was really looking to create a cohesive look and elevated, collected style that I would feel comfortable coming home to from my nonstop work days and travels,” she says.

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