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This Is How You Hack A Headboard

23 ways to fake a headboard.

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A designer headboard is a serious commitment, both financially and stylistically. Once you’ve got a costly statement piece to work around, it can be way more difficult to switch up the vibe of your room when you need a change of scenery. That’s why the owners of many gorgeous bedrooms––from home decor experts to DIY bloggers––have taken matters into their own hands by creating something that’s fully customizable, and in many cases, budget-friendly. That way, when they’re ready to mix things up, it’s completely guilt-free. We’ve scoured the internet and found a headboard project for everyone, whether you’re a home improvement pro or you can just muster enough creativity to stick a decal on a wall (which, by the way, is totally okay). Read on for our round up of the best, didn’t-even-know-they-were-homemade headboards out there, and find everything you need to get inspired to create your own. Psst! This monochrome scene features a headboard that’s an IKEA hack!

[Updated on June 17, 2017]

See how this ultra clever blogger transformed an IKEA seat cushion into a style-focused headboard. With a chic denim upholstery and leather details, the end-product is about as trendy as they come.

We’re looking to this scene for inspiration on utilizing the of-the-moment material of the season. Affix rows of bamboo sticks on the wall to double as a statement piece that’ll surely steal the show.

A set of placemats and rugs transform into the ultimate boho chic headboard, courtesy of this very clever DIY! Coupled with an equally eye-catching wallpaper, this cozy bedroom scene is pure perfection.

Skip the headboard all together and opt for vibrant wall art that will instantly elevate a snoozy decor scheme.

Who would ever guess that a tufted headboard as luxurious as this came from a DIY? Get the scoop on this wall-to-wall installation that’s much easier than it looks!

A geometric color block is all that’s needed to revamp a standard piece of plywood, which conveniently doubles as a makeshift headboard.

pegboard can also stand alone, and its simple geometric pattern goes perfectly with the minimalist vibe of this bedroom.

This project includes reupholstering the whole bed, making a fully custom piece. Choose a bold color, like this mossy green, or go with a neutral for a more minimal look.

This sleek headboard project requires a miter saw, but the results are totally worth the investment.

Ready for the easiest DIY of them all? Stick this decal on your wall. Done.

Don’t want an actual headboard, but dig the illusion of one? Make like interior designer Alexandra Angle and paint one on in a hue that complements the rest of your decor.

Creating your own headboard means you can make it as subtle or as eye-catching as you want. This gorgeous one is an example of bold done right.

We all know mirrors work wonders in virtually any room, and the placement of an antique one behind the bed in this bedroom is no exception. Not only does it add a focal point, but it also makes the whole room feel bright, airy and spacious.

This whimsical floral piece looks like it took forever to put together, but it was actually made from pre-assembled paper flowers.

If you’re not up for an upholstered headboard project, hang a rug with tons of texture in place of one. Not only is it super easy, but it delivers a similar effect while also feeling inventive and modern.

This extra-wide headboard DIY has the look of a designer creation.

Positioning a bed in front of a non-functional door is super creative and in this room, allows for some extra above-bed book storage.

The genius of pegboard is that it’s endlessly customizable. Use it to hang art, shelves or even planters, as shown here.

Discover 10 more style-focused ways to fake a headboard.

Sugar & Cloth’s

Stikwood headboard

is an incredibly easy way to get a reclaimed-wood look without having to do any major construction. Simply stick the panels to a plain headboard and you’re set.

Unexpected materials, like fuzzy blue carpet, can bring bring a fresh texture and look to your space. Find the DIY here!

Calling all bookworms: this idea is for you. Give new life to old or thrifted books by hanging them on your wall.

This geometric design lends a mod touch to any bedroom, and its neutral color scheme allows for bursts of color elsewhere.

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