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Instead of staring out the window all day at the winter tundra, get in the mood for spring by sorting out some projects to take on once you can see the lawn again. You won’t be the only one: According to a new study, 35 percent of Americans are planning on tackling outdoor DIY projects this year. Sure, you could endeavor to install a fully grown tree for big impact, but these ideas are a much lighter lift and still up curb appeal. 

Let There Be Life!

Take a page out of Reese Witherspoon’s book and invest in a couple of metal tubs to create raised flower beds. The extra height can end up hiding unsightly siding, and plants will spill over the edges in vines for that purposefully wild look. Shop secondhand sites for used bins; their patina will make it look like you’ve had a green thumb for decades.

Keep the Lawn Looking Great After Sunset

Framing a path in some subtle battery-powered lights, tucked in paper bags, is the affordable feature the front walk—and your night vision—needs. Stick a few stones in the bottom for windier days.

Paint It Black

Sellers, listen up: Paint! Your! Door! Coating it in a glossy black shade can add nearly $6,000 to the value of your home when you list it. 

Water Now, Save Money Later

A bit of watering and seeding before the summer heat does wonders for prolonged growth. Maintaining your lawn costs about $270 a year, but doing so will add $1,200 to your house’s value. 

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