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For small space dwellers, bed frames are the ultimate luxury. Not only does it mean you don’t have unsightly storage stuffed under your bed, but it also means you’ve made the decision to splurge on some type of headboard (instead of these replacements, which to be honest, are equally as cool). Investing in this one piece of furniture shows you’re serious about your bed—which you ALL should be—and when added, fosters an instant cool factor in any style bedroom. Keep reading to discover more statement pieces, like this modern wood and leather frame, to inspire a purchase of your own.

The only thing that could possibly make wood paneling any cooler is a the addition of a wood bed frame—complete with a built in bedside table. Seriously, there’s a sconce on the bed frame. We’re kind of freaking out. Also, this bedroom’s home is a boathouse.

This finished mixed with reclaimed wood platform bed frame lends itself to both the modern and rustic aesthetic of this bedroom.

As if a stunning four poster bed wasn’t enough, the dwellers of this master bedroom had to go and get creative, adding riding gear to the end of their bed frame. We’re certainly not complaining. Their accessorizing brings out the perfect amount of Western influence in the rustic-meets-glam cottage.

Rattan accents—big or small—exert a type of coastal, tropical vibe to any setting. This bedroom (and frame from Anthropologie) included. Not quite your style? Anthro carries a wide variety of styles that will make your head spin.

This gold gem adds bohemian flair to the perfectly eclectic bedroom (and home!) of Jennifer Harrison of Flea Market Fab.

Are you a fan of the platform pallet bed? We are. Especially this white-painted wood one that lends itself to the relaxed boho vibe of the bedroom. Bonus: Build (or purchase) yours in dimensions large enough so that it does double duty as a bedside table.

This clean-lined, graphic living room uses an unlikely color combo: black and orange. P.S. The custom-designed daybed you see here is just one crush-worthy aspect of this Amsterdam home.

This bed frame really has it all. A low-lying wood paneled statement wall turned headboard, built in bedside tables (on BOTH sides), and a slight platform design steals the show in this expertly designed bedroom.

Texture trumps color in this bedroom. Blending white walls, drapes, bedding, and a bed frame together creates a luxe vibe. Add some color and personality with a few layered rugs.

When paired together, the combination of bright whites and natural wood accents is unstoppable. This minimalist South African beach house is no exception.

Leave it to Urban Outfitters to create a Mid-Century Modern-inspired bed that doubles as a storage space or bookshelf. Needless to say, we’re fans. We want one of these bed frames, like right now.

Two parts, two materials, one amazing bed frame. The black finish on the wood paired with the gray upholstery and rich textures of the bedding makes this bed one well-designed sanctuary.

Minimalists, this one’s for you. We love how this black canopy bed frame intentionally stands out in an otherwise white room (and home!).

Low-lying bed frames shouldn’t be overlooked. This wood frame not only matches the beamed ceiling, but adds a feeling of luxury to a minimally furnished room.

Bright colors are welcome, too! Even if they are unexpected in a neutral space like seen here.

We love how this black bed frame adds to the overall feel of the room without taking center stage. It allows the individual design elements to shine on their own, including the glorious wall hanging located above the short headboard. (In case you were wondering, the rest of the home is pretty cool, too.)

The unexpected red branches that make up this canopy bed totally change the composition and character of this bedroom. Let this be a lesson that modern-inspired or minimalist isn’t always the right choice for everyone!

Urban Outfitters at it again, this time with a sans-headboard platform bed. It’s minimal, boho, and unique without trying too hard.

If a wood or canopy frame isn’t your style, consider a slim, gilded model. Make even more of a statement and set your metallic frame against all-black walls.

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