Published on November 19, 2016

Ah, the underrated nightstand. It’s the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see before bed. Instead of a tangled phone charger and pile of books, adorn it with things you need and love. This product guide (with goodies from Domino and other shops) is full of functional yet beautiful items you’ll flip over.

Lucky Break Collection Wishbone Ring Holder by imm Living

Take off your rings, and make a wish when you get ready to go to sleep each night. Now all you have to worry about is what you’ll be wishing for each night—not lost jewelry.

Polished Fluorite Skull Figurine by Mapleton Drive

Add a bit of edge to a traditional bedroom with this stone skull. The pretty color goes well with any subdued color palette.

Mirrored Jewelry Box by West Elm

This simple jewelry box is the perfect home for bracelets and necklaces. Plus, it doubles as a mirror in a pinch.

Tuberose Hand Cream by The Soap & Paper Factory

Dry hands are inevitable this time of year. Keep a tube of Tuberose Hand Cream by The Soap & Paper Factory on your bedside table as a reminder to apply (and reapply). 

Incanto Amore Plate by Vietri

Need some love? Put this Amore glass plate by Vietri on your nightstand, and let it work some magic. Fill it with jewelry, photos, and all the things you cherish the most.

Tesura by Renwil

This awesome lamp is unique and rustic. It adds a certain cool factor to any nightstand.

Torch Flashlight by Areaware

It’s helpful to have a flashlight on hand, and when you have one this pretty you won’t have to hide it in the back of a drawer.

Squirrel Phone Holder by imm Living

Instead of tossing your phone on your bedside table, attach it to this cute holder. 

Feminist Journal by Chronicle Books

Got some feminist thoughts? Pour them into this journal by Chronicle Books.

Snowball Bud Vase by Global Views

There’s nothing like fresh flowers on your bedside table. This vase ups the ante.

Spirit Lamp by D.S. & Durga

With creamy peach notes, this candle smells as gorgeous as it looks. 

Agate Night Lights by Uncommon Goods

The agate trend is everywhere, from coasters to bookends to jewelry. We can’t get enough either, which is why we love the Agate Night Lights from Uncommon Goods. 

Stone Lotus Bowl by World Market

If you’re into cedar incense blocks or even just regular incense sticks, use this stone Lotus Bowl from World Market to get those smoky vibes going in your space before slumber. 

Safety Matches by Urban Outfitters

You’ll love lighting candles with these colorful Safety Matches by Urban Outfitters.

Mallorca Cup by Crate & Barrel

This cup doubles as a water glass and a mug—so it’s ideal if your bedside beverage of choice is water or chamomile tea.