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We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms, and know that a little TLC can go a long way toward making these spaces feel haven-like. Sometimes it’s a small change, other times it’s a full-blown makeover. Here, find a handful of ways you can update your bedroom, making changes both big and small, with the idea of creating a space focused on comfort and style, on a budget. Take a look!


Bohemian dreaming.

Woven textures and natural details are a must for this setup! Pair a whitewashed backdrop with vibrant greens, preferably in the form of overflowing palms, and unexpected pops of color. We’re channeling some serious coastal vibes with this one!

Use the pom pom basket to conceal an unsightly planter, and the woven garden stool as a palette-perfect nightstand.

Total: $499.98

Photography by Brittany Ambridge

Artful elegance.

Ditch the headboard and opt for a more effortlessly chic approach. Surround the bed with an array of bold colors (oversized art prints set above the bed, strongly encouraged). Hang a pair of colorful prints above the bed, to distract the eye from the lack of the headboard, and integrate woven pieces for a textural detail.

Total: $869.99

Photography by JEFF MINDELL

Mid-century modernism.

We’re coupling this iconic style with an array of delicate textures in the form of bedding and window treatments. Brass-clad accent pieces line the furnishings, extending a subtle yet captivating touch of luster. Opt for plain white linens, for the bedding, and mix in pops of color via the top sheet or a throw. Channel the hue in the form of an area rug, set directly aside the bed.

Total: $854.98


Traditional glam.

A new pink headboard stands in as the focal point of the bedroom, attributing the space with a dynamic layer of texture. Lean a chic ladder against an empty wall for an added decorative element and storage space when needed. Nesting tables are as versatile as things get: pair the smallest and largest together for a makeshift nightstand. Ditch the wall sconces or bulky table lamps for a minimalist pendant.

Total: $790.97

Photography by CULTIVER

Monochrome minimalist.

Offset an exclusively monochrome scheme by filtering in furnishings and decorative accents of delicate details and subtle color notes. Pair a mod seat with a streamlined desk and small mirror to create a versatile vanity. A classically modest pendant will instantly illuminate the room, while a basic headboard will allow for the ideal backdrop for decorative textiles.

Total: $667.96

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Originally published August 2016, Updated August 2017.