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When it comes to the room in which we spend the majority of our days in, most of us tend to put in the least amount of thought into the decor. Jonathan Scott, of the HGTV hit show Property Brothers, would agree. “Most people focus their design renovation budget or energy on the public areas that they can brag to their friends about: the kitchen or living room. They forget about the bedroom – you spend more time in this space than anywhere else in the house. So it’s really important to invest in a good pieces,” says Scott. 
Scott, who has partnered up with luxe mattress company Stearns & Foster, highlights the importance of such investment pieces. “You’re investing in your life and quality of sleep. The Reserve mattress is the best one I’ve ever had. Even with it being natural and handcrafted – the natural fabric means it breaths well in the summer and as a result, is cooler in the summer – the rest of it is psychological. It’s how you set the tone with colors and textures.”
We caught up with the Property Brother to get the scoop on creating the ultimate bedroom design scheme, with rest and relaxation in mind. Here’s what we learned. 

First things first…There’s no secret to design. 

Anybody can be a designer, it’s the easiest thing in the world. In order to think about what you want out of a space, first think about descriptive words that set the tone for the room you’re looking to decorate.
Take the bedroom, we’d want to use words like; comfy, inviting, relaxing. Summer is all about a fresh start, get color in there. Whereas in the fall and winter it’s all about cozy and warm. It alters slightly but regardless, we want all to be both comfortable and inviting. 

A bedroom should be beautiful. 

It’s about incorporating a blend of colors and patterns within a space, to make it feel a little bit more sophisticated.

Good sheets count.

You want to make sure you’re going for good sheets, because that’s what’s touching your skin. And then you can layer back and forth with duvets and sheets. Bedrooms are the easiest rooms to design!

Think neutral.

When it comes to the big ticket items, such as a bed frame, I always suggest going neutral. And then all you’re changing out is the top of the bed, depending on the season. 

Two of my fundamental rules for the bedroom are…

Never have a work space in the bedroom. 

You should never have a desk or a pile of papers or a laptop in the bedroom. It’s no way to relax.

Storage is key in the bedroom. 

Nothing is more stressful than a grossly cluttered space. So there should not be piles of clothes or kids toys lying around. The smaller the space, the more important the storage is. So instead of having a bench, you can have a trunk, and then just a regular bed frame with storage across the bottom of the bed. That’s how you can create a serene environment. Nothing should distract you from melting into your bed and getting a good sleep.

What advice can you give those who are living in a studio? Most of them have no choice but to have their workspace incorporated into their bedroom.

Storage under the bed is key! In a studio I would never recommend having just a standing side table with no function. Every piece that you can find to put storage in, is important.  
As silly as it sounds, decluttering is key. Go through and toss out what you don’t need. You can have a space where you can tuck away your winter textiles, making the swap when the season permits. You can add in a faux fur throw to the foot of your bed to instill that cozy factor. 

What is the number one mistake most people make when decorating their bedroom?

They design it for one of the two people sleeping there. There are typically two people sleeping in a bed, so you want to make sure that the style of the room doesn’t skew too feminine or too masculine, there should be a balance. 
Other than buying a bad mattress – because then you feel your partner moving around while you’re trying to sleep – the next common mistake is the color palette. People will choose a whole feature wall in a blood red, and nothing is going to ruin your tranquil sleep like such a jarring color. It’s important to use soft, muted tones that will be relaxing. If you walk into a room and can breath a sigh of relief, you already know it’s going to be relaxing.

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