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Sure, the house flipping reality star has lavish taste. Do we want every single room he posts? No. Can we afford his style? No, again. Even so, we appreciate his love of design—and the frequency with which he shares his favorite interiors and exteriors on Instagram. Read on to see what Lord Disick can teach YOU about interior design.

Getting your mattress delivered (in a box, by Casper, of course) to your front door is seriously underrated.

It’s okay if having a breathtaking view from your backyard is a priority.

Having a second home with a view is cool, too. (Especially if it’s where you grew up. Oh, the memories.)

Don’t be afraid to go big with your art—especially if you prefer not to paint your walls.

Having a place to chill out and watch movies with your kids is important.

Sometimes, symmetry is everything.

It’s okay to have outrageous home goals, like this epic, wall-to-wall screen.

Having your shoe storage priorities straight is a must.

A ballin’ backyard is a necessity for entertaining guests. We especially love the intricate design of his poolside lounging area and walkways.

There’s nothing better than freshly cut grass.

Designing your home to include life’s simple pleasures, like being able to watch TV in your mirror, is definitely something to consider.

Modern design (with a view) is where it’s at.

It’s all in the details. You KNOW Disick is the one who chose that tile—and loves it.

Using all muted neutrals in your bedroom can be minimalistic and relaxing without being boring.

Even in the most modern of spaces, you need to find a corner for some plants.

Flipping houses can be a fun—and lucrative—hobby.

Everyone has a design wish list that contains at least one outrageous item, like custom showers and unique tubs similar to “The Bugatti of showers” Scott ‘grammed here.