temporary accent walls for commitment phobes

sneaky little cheats to try when painting isn't an option.

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If the soft white Scandinavian-inspired walls (also a reality of living in a strict rental) aren’t really your style and you’re craving some color on the wall, we feel for you. And while applying

temporary wallpaper

is an excellent way to add some much-craved color to your walls, in our eyes, it’s equally as scary as painting. Read on for 5 temporary solutions to a sad, empty, white wall.

White Playroom

fake wallpaper

Create your own pretend wallpaper by adding small decals in a repetitive pattern. We’re especially loving these mini crosses by Trendy Peas, who also sells stickers in dot and heart shapes in various colors for your littler ones.

Photography by cleverspaces.com

chalkboard wall decals

We’ve all seen—and been jealous of—whole walls covered in chalk paint. But we all know that is a HUGE commitment. Not only does it require painting (which you might not be able to do), but regular cleaning of chalk dust. Scale down the size of the project—sans paint, of course—with these medium-sized wall decals. You’ll get the fun of the chalk minus the long term commitment and mess.

Photography by Brittany Ambridge

oversized print

Opt for a large (like, seriously LARGE) photo to cover the majority of a wall. This option is most definitely not budget friendly, but it is also not permanent. Be smart about the dimensions and your future spaces, and whatever large print you settle on could stay with you for a few years.

Photography by urbanoutfitters.com


By far, the easiest way to transform a wall is by hanging a tapestry. Most times, the lightweight fabric can be hung on the wall using thumb tacks. Common sizing is seven to nine feet, meaning whatever design you choose has the potential to cover most—if not all—of your wall. Society6 and Urban Outfitters have a nice variety that are reasonably priced at around $70. Bonus: Most tapestries double as blankets and are machine washable.

Photography by @moodfabrics

diy wall hanging

An extremely inexpensive way to cover walls is to tack fabric (yes, from the fabric store) onto your wall. This method works best on walls where there isn’t a lot of focus on where the fabric meets the ground. Think behind a shelving unit or couch. While this definitely isn’t your chicest, option, thin, cotton fabric is so cheap when purchased by the yard, that most of us could afford to switch it up every few months—just for fun, of course.

Photography by refinery29.com

removable wall paper

Removable wallpaper is a viable option if you’re looking to temporarily spice up your space. If you’re worried about the logistics of measuring correctly, look to Swag Paper. They sell a huge variety of patterns that come pre-measured to the height of your ceiling and have helpful tips on how many panels to order.

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