how to store shoes in a tiny studio

you can restrict our space--not our shoes.

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The Bench

Any item that serves multiple functions is welcome in a small studio. A bench near your door or along a living space wall will provide both seating and storage for your all-important footwear. If something like this is too large for your studio, opt for an ottoman instead.

The Wall Bin

Stay organized with a flat shoe cabinet that has three compartments and also helps you save floor space. Wondering where to put it? We’ve seen this done in entryways, bedrooms, even bathrooms when space allows. Any spare wall space will do!

Down Low

For this DIY shoe organizer, all you need is a couple of 2x8s, some spray paint and an adhesive to make this innovative storage solution a part of your entryway.

Under Bed Storage

Obviously. Try using conventional chest boxes or repurpose drawers with a handle that you can hide under your bed. They’ll slide in and out easy on carpet, and if you’ve got wood floors, consider adding wheels!

Look Up

If there’s spare wall space up high in a closet or above a doorway, this option might be for you. Hang your heels on a shelf that takes up zero extra room.


If you have a small closet or if you are just sick of basic, boring shelves, opt for a shoe ladder shelf. It’s the perfect option for stacking and storing your (display worthy) shoes (and lots of other items that need a chic home). A larger option like this can also pull double-duty as a room divider!

Hidden Closet Secret

This multi-purpose organizer for shoes and accessories might not be the shoe situation you’ve been dreaming of, but those of us in tight spaces know sometimes sacrifices have to be made. It’s not cute, but it’s functional!

Entryway Storage

How many shoes do you really wear every week? Keep the all stars near the front entry, perhaps in a bench/cubby like this one, and all others can stay tucked away under a bed, or in overhead closet storage.

Fancy Closet Tricks

Retractable shelves and special compartments in your wardrobe are the perfect way to store shoes when you’ve seriously got a LOT of contain. Add chic baskets above for extra or out-of-season

shoe storage

This Thingy

Stretchy bands that hold…well…everything can take residence on any spare wall space you’ve got.

The Frankenbed

You can buy (or somehow build) yourself a Frankenbed to hold shoes, out-of-season clothing, essentially anything that presents a storage challenge in a small studio. The space under your bed is prime real estate. Use it wisely!