Published on July 27, 2020

Colorful room with stationary bikePin It
Courtesy of Lovely Indeed

That yoga mat can easily be tucked away and rolled out just about anywhere in your home—but sometimes your workout routine requires additional space and storage if you’re doing more than sun salutations. Weights, kettlebells, and a stationary bike might be your favorite fitness tools, but admittedly, they can be pretty hard to style, especially if you don’t have a room you can fully dedicate to them.

But that’s not to say you can’t design a home gym that suits your style and your workout routine. These decorating ideas will help you find a spot for your equipment without disrupting the flow of your space. And who knows—you might even discover the inspiration you’ve been looking for to work on your plank.

The Home Cycle Studio

White room with stationary bikePin It
Photography By Suzanna Scott; Design by Regan Baker Design

A large fireplace makes this home gym by Regan Baker Design feel less drab, but the real hard worker is the simple palette of the room. White paint and a white rug help the space feel bright and clean—and balance out the heavy fitness equipment.

The Shelfie

Shelves with plants and weightsPin It
Design by Max Humphrey, Photography by Christopher Dibble

Shelves full of lush plants draw attention away from a collection of weights—until it’s time to lift, of course.

The Pristine Pegboard

Pegboard with gym equipmentPin It
Courtesy of IKEA

If storage is your main issue, take a tip from this design by IKEA and install a pegboard, which can hold yoga mats, resistance bands, and maybe even a workout schedule. 

The Tucked-Away Spin Spot

Stationary bike surrounded by plantsPin It
Photography by Kristin Mansky

Frame a stationary bike between a bunch of plants and it feels like less of an intrusion into your space, as Kristin Mansky shows here. Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by greenery as they pedal away? 

The Wellness Den 

Yoga room with blue wallpaperPin It
Photography By Suzanna Scott; Design by Regan Baker Design

Soothing blue wallpaper, a piece of art made out of driftwood, and hanging plants make the perfect relaxing space for yoga and meditation. All of the calming elements in Regan Baker’s design can easily be incorporated into a guest bedroom or office to create a multipurpose space—just make sure you have enough room to Savasana comfortably. 

The Gridlock

Metal storage grib with workout equipmentPin It
Photography by James Shanks;Styling by Laura Alandes; Design by Momoko Higashifushimi

This metallic wall arrangement by Momoko Higashifushimi is pretty much a minimalist’s dream. It keeps equipment tidy and functional—and you don’t have to feel pressured to use that exercise ball as a chair.

The Stationary Solution

Colorful room with stationary bikePin It
Courtesy of Lovely Indeed

Here’s an easy way to make a bike blend into the rest of your space—set it up on top of a yoga mat that matches your room’s color scheme, as Lovely Indeed did here.

The All-Out Playpen

Indoor climbing wallPin It
Photography By Suzanna Scott; Design by Regan Baker Design

Regan Baker’s climbing wall might be one of the most over-the-top setups, but you have to admit: Something this fun is bound to get you and the little ones moving. And when you’re done, you can rest in the big, cozy hammock.

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