Published on September 10, 2020

Without the same access to our favorite gyms and fitness classes, we’ve been left to make the most of virtual workouts. And while there are plenty of zero-equipment classes available on the Internet, sometimes you really do need a good yoga mat…and some hand weights…and maybe even a resistance band. 

A full-on home gym is a rarity, but you don’t actually need a ton of space to make a workout corner in your bedroom or living room. One way to prevent it from being an eyesore is choosing tools that look good. When your foam roller and yoga block put a smile on your face, you’re more likely to commit yourself to that morning stretch or virtual Pilates class, right? These stylish essentials will help you stick to your workouts, even when you’re stuck at home. 

The Yoga Block

Not only is it especially useful for chest openers and triangle pose, this marbled block can also double as a small platform for elevating your laptop as you work from home.

The Uniform

While bike shorts have emerged as top quarantine outfit essential, perfect for lounging around the house, they are also, of course, ideal for any kind of workout. 

The Pilates Ball

The perfect companion to your virtual barre or Pilates class, this small resistance ball is easy to tuck away in a basket.

The Headphones

If your housemates aren’t quite interested in hearing your ’80s-themed workout playlist, these cardio-friendly, Olympian-approved wireless headphones are the solution.

The Yoga Mat

Whether you’re going through your full sun salutations or just need a moment of Savasana, a colorful, patterned yoga mat makes for the ideal place to decompress.

The Roller

Made out of eco-friendly cork, this roller doubles as a piece of sculpture when you’re not using it to massage your tight hamstrings.

The Resistance Band

In a pretty shade of blue, this resistance band is almost stylish enough to distract from the burning sensation in your triceps—almost.

The Ankle Weights

These yellow ankle weights make it easy to get a workout in, even when you’re typing away at your standing desk.

The Weights

The muted shades of these weights make it hard to resist snagging a full set. They could almost pass as decor—decor that makes your arms very, very sore.

The Water Bottle

You already know it’s important to stay hydrated—but a wide-mouth bottle makes it easier, especially when you need to rehydrate after an especially intense HIIT YouTube workout.

The Kettlebell

If you don’t have room for a full weights setup, the trusty kettlebell allows you to do all the heavy lifting you want. With a pop of neon, this one is surprisingly sleek.

The Supplements

These supplements include ingredients such as glucosamine and calcium, which help increase mobility and fight joint inflammation, making it easier to get moving. 

The Mat Towel

You might not be doing hot yoga in your living room, but a tie-dyed towel is great to have on hand for any workout that has you breaking a sweat. It’s not just cute—it’s also fast drying.

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