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Getting psyched up for that brisk run or virtual Pilates class first thing in the morning doesn’t have to feel like ripping off a Band-Aid. Here’s our strategy to overcome the mental hurdle: Gear up with chic equipment. We’re talking pastel color palettes, luxe materials, and organic silhouettes instead of bulky metal dumbbell holders and basic crew socks. The best home workout equipment can quickly transform a corner of your bedroom or living room into a makeshift gym without soaking up too much space or looking like an eyesore. Read on for our favorite, design-forward fitness products and accessories (plus a couple other items that we have on our radar) to get you pumped up for your next sweat session. 

The Best Home Workout Equipment 

Tempo Move 

Tempo Move with phone on top and colorful weights stored inside
Tempo Move, Tempo ($395 was $495)

This sleek storage system deserves a double take. At first glance, it’s a Scandi-inspired side table. Upon further inspection, you can peel back the wraparound fabric front to reveal colorful stacks of smart weight plates. Just 22 inches tall and 13.5 inches wide (and deep), the compact footprint of this at-home gym means you don’t need much space for it to work. Just plop it close to the TV to connect to the brand’s on-demand workouts and get the most out of real-time feedback on your form and reps, especially if you have a compatible smartphone and watch. “We had used the regular Tempo set at my parents’ house and were excited to see that a version that is more realistic for a small NYC apartment was coming out,” one commenter writes. “The hardware did not feel like a large investment (it was the cost of one month at the gym for my husband and me), and it’s so accessible to take a 20-, 30- or 40-minute class whenever I can fit it in as opposed to feeling like I need to be at the gym for an hour to make that trip worth it.”

Blogilates Jump Rope 

pink jump rope
Blogilates Jump Rope, Target ($16)

This 9-foot jump rope’s coral pink design is a chic cardio upgrade. Exclusive to Target, the tool can be adjusted in length, and the brass-capped handles are cushioned to keep blistering at bay. It’s small enough to stow away in a coffee-table drawer or slide onto a shelf, and multiple reviewers attest that the rope is lightweight, tangle-free, and easy to maneuver. CrossFit pros doing double-unders can probably skip this one—it’s geared to beginners who want to mix jumping rope into their routines, and the affordable price tag makes that possible for many. 

Pulseroll Vibrating Foam Roller 

red foam roller
Vibrating Foam Roller, Pulseroll ($82 was $135)

Most foam rollers are bulky, inflexible, and come in either really boring or garish colors. But they’re a necessity for the workout regular, no matter if you’re a runner or weight lifter. And when we crossed paths with this trendy, candy red version, we were smitten. Featuring an indented design that doesn’t make our calves cower in fear, it’s pretty enough to keep out but can be slipped back into the canvas pouch it ships with. Oh, and excuse us? It vibrates. Break up muscle tension, release knots, and relieve delayed soreness with four speeds that can be controlled via remote or a button interface, rechargeable by USB-C. Plus it’s currently on sale for less than $100. Psst: If you’re really tight on space, the brand also sells a massage ball, great for targeting specific trouble spots in your back or feet. 

Bala the Beam 

silicone beam by Bala
The Beam, Bala ($109)

The best home workout equipment always marries form and function. Bala Bangles—the stylish wrist and ankle weights—quickly rose to It fitness status after going viral on TikTok (hot-girl walks, anyone?), but they aren’t the only workout essential the brand retails. The Bala Beam is a definite upgrade on the mobility pole. Normally used for dynamic stretching, this sticklike piece of PVC or metal that you spot at the gym is generally pretty drab. By wrapping one up in the same soft silicone and colors the brand is known for, Bala gave this important tool a contemporary, wiggly update. Lean one up against the wall and it’ll look like an intentional design choice. Go for a heavier one and you can swap it for weights to add a little extra something to squats, deadlifting, or chest presses.

Therabody Theragun Mini Massager 

Mini Theragun
Theragun Mini, Theragun ($199)

You wouldn’t totally be wrong to equate the Theragun Mini to a pocket-size PT treatment. This miniature version of the much-loved massager takes up less space than the original, weighs just under 2 pounds, and still promises to pound out knots and tight muscles. It comes in two sleek colorways (our favorite is the desert rose), and past purchasers rave about the long-lasting battery life (it charges via USB-C). Seriously, we just can’t get over how cute it is in person. 

Hydrow Wave Rower 

Pantone pink smaller hydro wave roller
Wave Rower, Hydrow ($1,695)

These days, you don’t have to take to the lake to get in a water-based workout. The Hydrow Wave Rower is a modern, slim upgrade on this classic gym machine and now comes in a new fiery finish inspired by Pantone’s color of the year: Viva Magenta. The vibrant hue joins four other nature-themed shades, and the rower is backed with all the tech you need, including a library of 4,000 interactive routines you can play through the attached high-def, 16-inch screen. Plus it’s 30% smaller than the original, leaving you ample space to get in a good stretch after an intense workout. Reviewers like that it stows easily (a separately sold Hydrow Wave Vertical Anchor can assist with this). They also are happy with the accompanying simple-to-navigate website, the variation in workouts, and—as one satisfied purchaser notes—the “strong and solid” design.

Kenko Walnut Weights 

walnut weights with brass trim
Walnut Weights , Kenko ($100 was $259)

Forget run-of-the-mill dumbbells—these German-manufactured beauties could easily be mistaken for wood objets instead of workout equipment; guests wouldn’t blink an eye at them on your shelves. They’re made from stainless steel and clad in face-grained American walnut with trimmed brass, so bicep-curling 4 pounds will feel luxe not annoying. They also come with a matching resistance band and massage ball. If your partner catches you stretching your workouts in front of the mirror longer than necessary, we’ll know why.

Uniq Boxing Gloves 

pair of leather boxing gloves
Boxing Gloves, Uniq ($225)

Land those punches and look good doing it, thanks to these cowhide boxing gloves from Uniq. Designed in Poland and hand-sewn in Thailand, the pair is outfitted with a sturdy Velcro band and built-in wrist stabilizer to ensure a safe, stylish sparring session. To assist you with perfecting and maintaining your form, the gloves also have interior hand ventilation and a protective leather flap to safeguard against hook friction. They’re available in four sizes and five designs, and you can also customize them to your liking.

Pottery Barn Neutral Kettlebell 

Periwinkle Blue kettelball
Neutral Kettlebell, Pottery Barn ($29)

We typically rely on Pottery Barn for traditional housewares, but this dollish kettlebell caught our eye, and with good reason: The neutral palette gives it an effortless appearance we wouldn’t mind looking at in a home office/gym. It’s available in six size variations, from 5 to 30 pounds.

Alo Yoga Warrior Mat 

smoky quartz alo yoga mat
Warrior Mat, Alo Yoga ($128)

Holding the Standing Bow pose is difficult enough, but the move becomes increasingly more precarious when there’s a slippery, tattered mat underneath. Alo Yoga’s Warrior Mat counteracts these issues and then some with its anti-odor, dry-wicking, and slip-free design. Measuring 6.2-by-2.2 feet, the nontoxic, formaldehyde-free mat is manufactured with ethically sourced, all-natural rubber, making your practice healthier for your body and the planet. We’re currently into the soothing smoky quartz shade, but there are nine other colors you can shop, too.

On Our Radar

wood and glass bike
Fuoripista Bike, Elite

Yes, more than one Domino editor owns a Peloton. But indoor bikes pretty much all look the same, aside from specific branding. That’s why the Elite Fuoripista stood out to us. We don’t think we’re being dramatic when we say it’s an architectural feat, crafted by award-winning studio Adriano Design. Who wouldn’t want to take this wood and glass sculpture—which still promises all the bells and whistles of a smart machine—for a spin? It could very well become the focal point of a room. 

Frame Pilates Reformer
Pilates Reformer, Frame ($3,999)

While the Frame Reformer is still on preorder, this modern take on the Pilates machine sounds shockingly lightweight enough to move from room to room, and attached wheels make it all the more easy—you can even slide it under your bed frame. The price for this particular piece of workout equipment certainly isn’t cheap, but neither are those personal one-on-one classes at the gym. 

Look/Dress the Part 

Laying out that matching top-and-bottom set with a cushy pair of socks is another strategy to get amped to be active aside from workout equipment. That or tapping a few accessories like a sling bag or easy-to-squeeze flasks that’ll make a tough workout a little more fun.