Finally a Way to Hide the Exercise Bike Sitting in the Middle of Your Living Room

Your Peloton no longer has to be the focal point.
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workout bike in living room
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Jump ropes, kettlebells, and foam rollers have slowly been taking over our living rooms ever since the pandemic made us realize we actually love working out at home. Sure, a yoga mat and some weights are easy to tuck away or move into another space when not in use, but a stationary bike poses a challenge. As much as we’d like to think a Peloton can pass as decor, a bulky black exercise bike can’t just be covered with a nice throw blanket. However, it can be stowed inside of a chic-looking cabinet, thanks to a new brand called Boitier

closed mid century styel cabinet
Courtesy of Boitier

The company, which just celebrated its one-year anniversary, designed a mid-century–inspired storage unit that is meant to house a stationary bike, among other essentials. The piece, which is compatible with Peloton as well as other popular bikes, is made out of a combination of veneered wood and cherrywood and has a side “drawer” that allows you to slide your bike out on a stable platform. The furniture measures 30 inches deep and 72 inches tall (it takes up around 9 1/2 feet of floor space when it’s completely extended), so it can squeeze into most types of spaces.

bike on platfrom
Courtesy of Boitier

The catch is the storage unit costs the same as a new Peloton bike, ringing in at $1,599 (including shipping). So how do you hide your exercise bike without spending a small fortune? Room dividers are your best solution. Urban Outfitters’s Ria option stretches 60 inches wide, and its rattan panels will lend an organic, textural touch to any style of space. If you prefer a solid screen that offers complete privacy and a hit of pattern, go for The Inside‘s scalloped piece (it’s pricier at $575, but there are more than 120 fabric options available).

If a piece of bike-disguising furniture is still too fussy for you, hide your workout zone from view by mounting thick curtains from a ceiling track. CB2’s velvet panels feature soundproofing qualities that will help muffle any music (or panting) coming from the other side. Now your living room can become your living room once again. 

Scalloped Screen, The Inside ($575)

Ria Room Divider Screen, Urban Outfitters ($379)

VELVET IVORY CURTAIN PANEL 48u0022X96u0022, CB2 ($129)

Corner Room Divider, IKEA ($63)

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