All the Peloton riding and yoga we’ve been doing since the pandemic hit has been paying off—and we aren’t just talking about looking and feeling better. According to a survey from technology platform HomeLight that polled more than 1,100 real-estate agents across the country, the value of a home gym has risen 69 percent (from $3,635 to $6,127) in the past year. But states on the West Coast such as California, Washington, and Oregon have seen an even bigger leap. There it has spiked 99 percent. In other words, a home gym is now valued at approximately $7,824.

If you really want to milk your workout routine for all it’s worth, consider some savvy design moves to make your gym setup just as stylish as it is practical. A solid playlist isn’t the only way to get motivated. 


Stick to Warm Neutrals

A soothing abstract wallpaper print and a white rug help the space feel bright and clean—and balance out the heavy fitness equipment.

Invest in Bike-Disguising Solutions

If cycling is your thing but the only place you have to ride is in your living room, keep your gear out of sight with a clever cabinet like Boitier’s cherrywood option, which lets you store your stationary bike in a large drawer. 

Bring in Greenery 

Shelves full of lush plants or trailing greenery coming down from the ceiling draws attention away from a collection of weights—until it’s time to lift.