Sure, smoothie bowls aren’t exactly a new trend, but there’s a reason they’ve stuck around for so long. They may have once been (and, okay, still are) perfectly photogenic fodder for Instagram, but they’re also filled with all the good stuff you need to stay fueled and satisfied all day long. After all, most smoothie bowls are way more substantial than a typical smoothie.

But now you don’t have to just choose from acai bowls or basic strawberry-banana formulas: These seven recipes include an array of exciting combos, including a tropical sweet potato and mango number and a blend of turmeric, bananas, coconut milk, and tea that tastes like a cup of chai. Just grab your blender and a bowl and get going.

Grapefruit Smoothie Bowl

Grapefruit bowl smoothie bowl
Courtesy of Garlic Head

The best time to make this recipe from Garlic Head is now, while grapefruit is still in season. Find one that’s firm yet squeezable and use it as the vessel for the smoothie after you scoop out its insides. 


Chai-Spiced Smoothie Bowl

Chai turmeric smoothie bowl
Courtesy of Cotter Crunch

Creating a thick base for your smoothie bowl is the best way to guarantee that everything you put on top won’t automatically sink to the bottom. This recipe from Cotter Crunch includes some ingenious hacks to thickening it (almond butter, anyone?). 

Strawberry Smoothie Bowl With Walnut Crumble

Strawberry walnut smoothie bowl
Courtesy of Cooking for Keeps

If you think about it, a smoothie bowl is just an excuse to add more texture to a smoothie. This recipe from Cooking for Keeps elevates a traditional strawberry smoothie with the simple addition of a crunchy walnut crumble. 

Sweet Potato-Mango Smoothie Bowl 

Sweet potato smoothie bowl
Courtesy of Foody First

A combo of sweet potato and mango makes a thick base that’s a great canvas for going all out with toppings. As seen above, Foody First uses gooseberries, dried figs, bee pollen, and more to create what is essentially a piece of edible art. 

Peanut Butter-Banana Green Smoothie 

Peanut butter banana smoothie bowl
Courtesy of Minimalist Baker

Making a green smoothie that doesn’t taste like cold vegetable soup is all about choosing the right ingredients. Minimalist Baker opts for veggies that will have minimal impact on the overall flavor of the bowl, like cauliflower and spinach, which are easily overpowered by the sweetness of bananas and blueberries. 


Autumn Acai Bowl With Vanilla Bean and Cashew Butter

Acai vanilla cashew smoothie bowl
Courtesy of How Sweet Eats

Thankfully, you can pick up most of the ingredients you’ll need for this recipe from How Sweet Eats even when it’s not autumn. If you are having trouble finding something, though, check out the frozen section for the best alternatives to fresh. 

Banana Nut Smoothie Bowl 

Banana nut smoothie bowl
Courtesy of Creme de la Crumb

As if bananas and nuts weren’t already delicious together, this recipe from Creme de la Crumb goes ahead and adds chocolate to the mix, too. Consider this the perfect pick for when you’re craving dessert for breakfast.

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