8 Cozy Recipes That Will Keep You Warm All Winter

Cheesy, savory goodness.
Photography by The First Mess

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The time for preheated ovens and filled stove tops is here. When temperatures drop, spending time in the kitchen feels all the more tempting, especially when your labors result in a perfectly cozy dinner that you can share with family and friends, maybe while playing one of Netflix’s Christmas specials in the background—because no matter what they say, it’s never too soon to watch a holiday movie. 

These cold-weather recipes are simple to make (a few even give you reason to pull out that Crock-Pot), and they’re sure to satisfy whatever you’re in the mood for when the days are shorter, the wind is howling, and that steady stream of rain threatens to turn to snow anytime now. So who wants a warm meal?

If you’re craving carbs…

Cheesy Brussels Sprouts Lasagna

Photography by How Sweet Eats

How long until it’s ready: 1 hour Why you’ll love it: Three types of cheese in one dish is enough to make dinner feel like a special event, but throw in a pound of brussels sprouts and two types of mushrooms, and you’ll be eating like a king.

Loaded Sweet Potato With Chipotle Cashew Cream

Photography by The Modern Proper

How long until it’s ready: About 1 hour and 25 minutes Why you’ll love it: There’s something positively joyful about a steaming potato piled high with all kinds of goodness (in this case, kale, shredded chicken, and a good drizzle of chipotle cashew cream). 

Slow Cooker Red Wine Sunday Ragù Pasta

Photography by Half Baked Harvest

How long until it’s ready: 6 hours and 20 minutes—get that slow cooker going! Why you’ll love it: This fancy-seeming pasta is very easy to make—most of the effort goes into adding ingredients to a pot. And it will also make your entire home smell delectable

If you’re craving veggies…

Black Bean Quinoa Chili

Photography by Eat Healthy Eat Happy

How long until it’s ready: 45 minutes Why you’ll love it: What’s not to love about a hearty chili that you can get on the table in less than an hour? A can of pumpkin puree makes this soul-warming meal especially perfect for fall.

Instant Pot Chana Masala

How long until it’s ready: Approximately 30 minutes Why you’ll love it: If you’ve found yourself mourning the end of tomato season, don’t panic: Just grab the canned version instead. Then use it to make a filling bowl of chana masala.

Vegetarian Chili Cobbler

Photography by Eat Healthy Eat Happy

How long until it’s ready: Approximately 1 hour Why you’ll love it: The only thing better than a big vat of chili is a big vat of chili topped with homemade biscuits. This cobbler is basically like a pot pie but heartier—and way easier to make. 

If you’re craving soup…

Curried Root Vegetable Soup

Photography by Crowded Kitchen

How long until it’s ready: 1 hour Why you’ll love it: A mix of curry powder, turmeric, cinnamon, and cumin make a pretty simple fall soup taste even richer. Don’t forget to top it off with some crunchy roasted lentils and a nice swirl of yogurt (dairy-free if you’d like!) to round it out.

Slow Cooker Tomato Basil Parmesan Soup

Photography by Le Creme De La Crumb

How long until it’s ready: 4 hours and 20 minutes Why you’ll love it: Thanks to the addition of Parmesan, this tomato soup has a deep umami flavor that makes it so satisfying. The only thing that would make it better? A grilled cheese sandwich.

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