Published on December 20, 2020

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Photography by Mikkel Vang

During a year spent predominantly at home, Domino readers invested in their spaces more than ever. And when we looked back at the specific items you bought the most, the message was clear: Building a stylish but hardworking home was a top priority.

Each of the most-shopped items on our site, from a $15 IKEA shelf (which appeared in this genius hack) to a wavy mirror we saw everywhere in spring, can help create a space that you just might never want to—or need to—leave. Here they are, in order of most popular.

1. Top Shelf

When we featured this handy book storage as part of a nursery hack, the product literally flew off IKEA’s, well, you know.

2. Sheer Beauty

You can’t complete the above shelving DIY without this rattan cane, which explains its popularity in 2020. But you can also use the crafty material on tables, nightstands, headboards, even a cabinet.

3. Best Suds

After singing this exfoliating scrubber’s praises in February, it become a shower staple for Domino readers.

4. Hot Stuff

Back in January we revealed our favorite pantry condiment: a Szechuan oil infused with shallots, peppercorn, and chili that enhances every dish you add it to, from scrambled eggs to soups to chocolate chip cookies.

5. Shower Tower

When we wrote about how this $30 bathroom accessory transforms even tiny showers into storage superstars, you couldn’t wait to display your shampoo in its matte black frame, too.

6. It’s Lit

It’s no surprise that this utilitarian umbrella light was an Amazon best-seller over the summer. Revelers proved it was a pandemic must-have for outdoor eating.

7. Backyard Essential

We’re not the only ones who love this smokeless firepit. Amanda Seyfried has one in her backyard, too.

8. Brew Buddy

As far as quarantine purchases go, a color-blocked coffee pot that sparks joy is always a good idea, as we wrote back in May.

9. Reflect Yourself

In April we called it: This wavy mirror was in all the cool Swedish apartments we were seeing online. Looks like Domino readers were ready to take the look Stateside.

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