The Best Thing Becki Owens Ever Bought at IKEA

Still going strong four years later.

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The kitchen may be the most popular room to renovate, but it can also be the most expensive. So when Becki Owens found a cost-cutting solution that magically looked high-end, she didn’t hesitate to dive right in with her purchase and let the rest fall into place. You’d never be able to guess the sleek cabinet hardware in her revamped space is an IKEA score. 

Owens chose the Vinna handle, a smooth stainless steel design that elicited an “it’s perfect” first impression from the designer. The no-frills silver finish and modern lines jibed with her minimalist sensibility; it was love at first sight. The accessible price point ($10 for two) didn’t hurt either.  

The pulls had to withstand a lot of wear and tear. “We are a family of six and basically live in our kitchen,” explains Owens. She remodeled hers in 2015, and four years later, the hardware is still going strong. No small feat when six pairs of hands are constantly rummaging through cabinets to find their favorite cereal or a mug for morning coffee.

Owens complemented the handles with white subway tile and cupboard doors, relying on the hardware to provide the teeniest bit of contrast, then played that up with matching fixtures, like a chrome fridge and faucet. 

Photography by Becki Owens

If your style is on the eclectic side, that shouldn’t deter you. “A little design tip: Don’t be afraid to mix metals,” shares Owens. She suggests blending in brass finishes with the white and silvers for a more layered look. The perk of something so simple? Whether you’re a devout minimalist or Gucci-loving maximalist, there’s a way to make it your own. 

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