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Mat Sanders may have his own furniture line, but he’s not above bringing home some quality flat-pack every now and then. Sanders, one half of the dream team behind studio-turned-decor brand Consort, has an eye for playful details. His loft is proof of this: Peachy pink accents against matte black, zigzag side tables, and a massive hammerhead shark mounted to the wall are a few standouts. But a closer look at the digs he shares with his partner (and Consort cofounder), Brandon Quattrone, reveals a surprisingly simple staple in the mix—and it’s a big one. Their bed is a white platform Malm from IKEA. 

Hacks photo
Malm Bed Frame, Ikea ($149)

“I bought it as a placeholder when I first moved into a new apartment, then never got around to getting a new bed because it works so perfectly!” says Sanders. “It’s simple, clean, and affordable.” 

The proportions were a big draw—he says they’re perfect for a low-platform bed. Given that he’s a furniture pro, we’ll happily take his word for it. “I’ve since used its scale as a reference when designing beds for my clients,” he divulges. “It’s so simple, it goes with everything, and it makes a cool, contemporary statement when creating a mixed look.” 

The couple’s bedroom is the perfect example of this. The Malm may be a basic, stark white, but paired with vibrant decor—in their space, it sits against a sky blue wall below a bright pink and yellow poster—it’s anything but bland. “Splurge on great vintage nightstands, colorful bedding, and a distressed, worn-out Persian rug to warm up the look, and the bed will pop as an unexpected modern moment,” Sanders suggests. 

“I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a high-low story and is not afraid to mix super-modern items with warmer, collected pieces,” he says of the $150 bed. If that sounds like you, we hope you’re clicking “add to cart” right about now. 

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