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The summer’s most anticipated piece of literature has finally arrived—but you won’t find it on The New York Times best seller list. We’re talking about the IKEA catalog: A once-yearly release showcasing everything that’s coming in the next year. The 2020 version is officially available, and of course, we’ve already pored over it and bookmarked our must-haves. 

Courtesy of IKEA

Hidden among the colorful new products (that cherry red Vimle sectional!) and shopping guides for things like dorm decor is a third takeaway: Tons of fun styling ideas, useful not only for those wanting to style their new IKEA goodies but also for anyone who’s looking for some unexpected design tricks. Here are four of our favorites:

Consider color-blocking

Courtesy of IKEA

And not just in a vignette. As this vibrant kitchen space shows, covering every available surface in contrasting hues makes for a totally showstopping room. With something as dramatic as this for your backdrop, feel free to keep the rest of your decor and furniture super simple. 

Don’t neglect your floors

Courtesy of IKEA

You’ve heard of statement ceilings, but IKEA is convincing us to try statement floors. Take a page from this sweet little kid’s room and paint a checkerboard pattern.

Rethink your wall storage

Courtesy of IKEA

Open shelving is hardly new—so IKEA refreshed the concept with a modular system. Here sleek, carefully arranged cubbies are cabinets and shelves in one.

Go monochrome

Courtesy of IKEA

Pro tip for small spaces: Buy inexpensive furniture in a simple, raw wood finish and spruce it up with a fresh coat of paint that matches your walls. It takes minimal effort but will make your room appear way less cluttered. 

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