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The origin story of the season’s most-anticipated decor collaboration is surprisingly simple: “When H&M calls, you pick up the phone,” says Jonathan Adler. He’s referring to his upcoming collection (November 14—mark your calendars!) with the retailer, H&M’s first-ever designer partnership for its home section.

As in his own store, Adler’s signature bold colors and graphic prints for H&M pack a punch. “I wanted it to be a reinterpretation of my design vocabulary,” says the designer of his inspiration behind the line. “I took pieces that I sculpt in clay—for example, faces and some of my signature pottery—and shaped them in 2-D.” 

If you’re a longtime fan of Adler’s designs, consider this collection an easily accessible way to bring his glitzy style home. We mean this quite literally: Every piece is one Adler would put in his own space. “I have the client in mind always, which is me!” he jokes. “I find that designing for myself really makes me bring it.” 

Courtesy of H&M

Courtesy of H&M

Courtesy of H&M

Courtesy of H&M

As such, who better to teach us how to style the line than Adler himself?

To Decorate for the Holidays

“I’m a mixer-matcher,” says Adler, referencing the black and white ornaments that he would pepper in with other festive baubles on a tree. Oh, and don’t neglect the mantel when it comes to decking the halls—but more on that later. 

To Create a Fresh Centerpiece

Two words: Ostrich. Feathers. Adler plans on arranging a few in the large white vase (you can’t miss it; it’s the one with the giant face) for a playful yet sophisticated focal point. “The magic of an ostrich feather is that it’s eccentric, it’s glamorous, and it’s forever.”

To Pull Together a Living Room

For Adler, it’s all about the pillow-scape. “I would definitely go with a solid color story,” he says. “I think these are great jewel-toned gems.” Just keep the rest of the space neutral. “The pillows are black and white with accents—that’s a theme in my work; every room I do always has a heaping helping of black and white, with pops of other colors.”

To Use as Hostess Gifts

Go with the trio of candles—they’re Adler’s fail-safe present. 

To Make Both Maximalists and Minimalists Happy

Adler recommends the porcelain hand. “It’s strong enough to exist on its own—which is the key to minimalism,” he explains. However, if you live for layers, place it on a dressing table and load it up with your flashiest jewels. 

To Form a Collected Vignette

There’s an art to the way Adler styles a mantel. “I’m a fan of odd numbers—groups of threes or fives, staggered by height,” he says. He plans on incorporating the brass birds and suns in the mix. “It’s the perfect chance to add a bit of gilded glamour for the holidays.”

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