Published on December 9, 2015

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Photography by Right At Home

vintage scarf

Every closet seems to have a collection of old scarves kicking around. Use ones you no longer wear and tell your recipient to wrap it forward if they prefer not to rock it. 

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Photography by Ramshackle Glam

outdated maps

Thanks to your GPS and Google Maps, atlases are quickly becoming artifacts. Use pages of favorite landmarks and cities to add a personal touch to your holiday wrapping.

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Photography by Right At Home

toilet paper rolls

Start saving your leftover TP rolls and refashion them into cute boxes for jewelry or smaller trinkets. Push in each side, paint them and voila – a custom package!

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Photography by The Note Passer

winter greens

If your gifts are already in a plain box, spruce it up (pun intended) with some foraged greens on top.

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Photography by The Pink Couch

coffee filters

Take a pair of scissors to your coffee filters to create paper snowflakes that will look cute on gifts tucked under the tree and on your windows.

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Photography by d.Sharp Journal

paint chips

Have lots of leftover samples from your living room makeover? Reuse them to create one-of-a-kind garland to wrap around boxes.

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crossword puzzles

Unwrapping gifts should require a bit of a challenge. Use the daily crossword from your newspaper to give recipients a gift and a game all in one. 

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Photography by The Gifted Blog

ziploc bags

There’s no need to buy new tins if you’re giving out holiday treats. Use a Sharpie to decorate an ordinary plastic bag . 

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Photography by About The Nice Things

washi tape

Even if you don’t hoard this Japanese tape like we do, chances are you have a roll or two of masking or colored tape in the house. Use it to create designs on packages, whether it’s a simple stripe or an allover plaid.

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Photography by Michael Wiltbank

brown paper bags

If you’ve still got lots of leftovers since switching to a reusable lunch box, give them a new life as cute vessels for holiday gifts. Add a bow, decorate with markers, tie up with string – the options are endless with such a blank slate.

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