Published on December 4, 2018

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Photography by Cody Guilfoyle

On the list of exciting holiday decor, you’ll likely find wreaths near the bottom. Somewhere between garlands and the tree, the adornment reserved for the entry often errs on the side of tradition and leaves much to be desired.

With its cliche red bow, the festive characteristics of a wreath are undeniable, but stylistically speaking, it brings little to the table. We enlisted the help of a few of our favorite floral designers and tasked them with the challenge of reinventing a standard wreath with their signature flair. The result is an eclectic array of transformations you’ll have to see to believe. Take a look.

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Photography by Aaron Bengochea

Putnam & Putnam

The talented duo behind this New York–based floral design studio may be known for their over-the-top arrangements, but they can do effortlessly cool and minimal just as well. Armed with more than just your standard slew of filler greens, the multidimensional elements brought on a refreshing textural layer to the grapevine base.

The wine-inspired palette naturally complements the reserved hints of evergreens. Dried pomegranates, holly berries, purple carnations, and sprigs of smoke bush inspire a dramatic color detail brought together by a delicate satin bow.

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Photography by Cody Guilfoyle

A.P. Bio Designs

Founder Doan Ly’s style is all about the nontraditional. When tasked with reinventing a basic evergreen wreath, the floral designer’s transformation was jaw-dropping, to say the least. The updated wreath’s color scheme was about as traditional as it got—obviously, it ended there.

Eucalyptus leaves were spray-painted in a vibrant red, complementing four different sorts of carnations that resulted in a subtle ombre effect. Jutting sprigs saturated with huckleberries brought forth a textural layer while seamlessly blending in with the established palette.

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Courtesy of The Unlikely Florist

The Unlikely Florist

Spencer Falls operates his floral shop out of a van parked outside of L.A.’s famed eatery Gjelina and does so with effortless flair. Originally from New Zealand, Falls’s creation boasts a robust mix of saturated hues mixed with elements of an earthy-inspired detail.

Falls began with a wildly unstructured grapevine wreath and brought in a multitude of colors to add a tonal layer on the monochrome piece. Craspedia, curly willow, agonies, holly berries, and grevillea instilled a complementary color dynamic to the wreath. A lone banksia flower lent the ultimate finish touch.

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Photography by Aaron Bengochea

Jenya Flowers

Jenya Tsybulskyi’s romantic style knows no bounds. His knack for evoking a rich visual narrative within each arrangement showcases his affinity for the nontraditional, which results in a structurally defined and chromatically compelling finish.

A fresh mix of seasonally versatile greens comprises this understated yet intricately detailed grapevine wreath. A handful of dried palms establishes structural flow, while the mix of various winter greens and a focal cluster of pine cones lend a seasonally appropriate characteristic to the piece.

Pops of orange complement the moody teal blue ribbon, and the addition of a handful of bare branches invites an added layer of interest.

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Courtesy of Moon Canyon

Moon Canyon

Floral designer Kristen Caissie gives minimalism a new meaning with her structurally robust creations, which never cease to evoke an earthy-inspired detail. Her take on elevating a grapevine wreath entailed a cascading element coupled with a free-form finish.

Led by thick layers of various evergreens, a colorful array of eucalyptus, a sprinkling of Victorian birch branches, and even a handful of foliage garnered a multidimensional piece that was a far cry from the ordinary.