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Holiday decor comes in all shapes and sizes, resulting in endless opportunities for customization and creative styling. So when we came upon this oversized, and stunningly minimalist, wire wreath, we were inspired by the sheer number of ways it could be displayed within a home. Taking things a step further, we took to the drawing board to whip up a few clever ways to feature the piece – aside from a door-mounted wreath, that is. Take a look!

Produced and Styled by Anna Kocharian Photography by Michael Wiltbank

The Understated Floral Wreath

Materials – magnolia leaves and branches – protea – green floral wire

Instructions Using the floral wire, adhere the magnolia leaves onto the wire wreath (on the indented side), working your way around the piece. Once the wreath is covered, add in the protea, affixing it to the wreath using the floral wire. Display the piece on a door, or simply lean it against the wall!


The Floating Chandelier
Materials – thick, braided rope – assorted greens – green floral wire

Instructions Using the thick, braided rope, fasten the wreath to a stable hook. Create a triangular curve, so that the rope is attached to two points of the wreath, for a more solid attachment. Using the floral wire, connect the assorted greens to the wired strands of the wreath, working your way across the piece. Once the entirety of the wreath is covered in greens, work in florals or strands of eucalyptus for an added dynamic.


The Lustrous Centerpiece
Materials – assorted winter greens, we used pine and eucalyptus leaves – tree ornaments

Instructions Simply line the leaves or winter greens across one side of the wreath, and fill the alternate side with a curated selection of tree ornaments! We opted for rather larger ornaments to ensure that they don’t fall out from the wreath’s sides.