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Despite summer being the season of farmer’s markets full of flowers both familiar and new-to-you, fall has some pretty spectacular options for bouquets as well. Dahlias, chrysanthemums, zinnias, poppies, ranunculus, and more get intertwined with grasses, berries, ferns, succulents and other surprising floral features to make selections that celebrate the slightly subdued colors of fall without appearing staid. On the contrary, these vibrant arrangements recall the evolving and varied shades of nature in autumn. Don’t wait to experiment with these arrangements for every day as well as for special occasions-their season is fleeting.

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There are too many different beautiful blooms in this bouquet to name them all, but somehow it all comes together to create a symphony of texture, height, and color. Perfect for the unconventional bride-the prairie grass and silver dollar eucalyptus are unexpected yet chic.

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No one will be thinking of the wintry grey days to come with this sunny bouquet. Zinnias, chrysanthemums, betula, baby daisies, and more make this a cheery reminder of the golden-hued season of fall.

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A brooding combination of cacti, protea, and silver dollar eucalyptus make this arrangement perfectly suited for a Tim Burton movie. While it’s definitely not your traditional wedding bouquet, it will be the one people talk about long after the ceremony…and try to create for their Halloween festivities.

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This arrangement from @studiochoo has the sculptural design of ikebana, yet it features some unconventional floral choices including artichoke flowers, spider mums, and foxglove. Wouldn’t it be gorgeous for a baby shower?

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Carefully composed yet achievable for the at-home florist, this grouping of dahlias is punctuated with white globe amaranth. Daisies in various shades complete the soothing palette.

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So romantic, with roses a plenty as well as lilies of the valley, white holly berries, and chocolate cosmos in the mix. We imagine Mr.Darcy having a bouquet like this arranged for his beloved Elizabeth every morning.

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We love how just a few ranunculus flowers seem like jewels sparkling against reaching green ferns. Understated and classic, we don’t think we’d ever get tired of seeing such a lush yet restrained natural display.

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These little gems are actually boutonnieres, but we keep imagining them in little bud vases dotting our bedside table, mantelpiece, and anywhere we need a little nature boost. The purple leaves ground the mini bouquets in the seasonal vibe, while globe amaranth add whimsy.

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An arrangement that resonates with innocence and simplicity, mixed with a little spirit of wildness. White cleome flowers give this arrangement its untamed feeling. A few trumpet lilies add drama, but the overall floating vibe of the flowers is dream-like.

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Cucumber in a bouquet? We would never have imagined how it would give this pink and purple dominated arrangement a surprising yet visually and texturally appealing contrast. Perfect for an evening affair (or perhaps as a cheeky birthday bouquet for the brooding teen in your life). The lisianthus blooms are a fun, often underused focal flower.

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Dahlias, scabiosas, peonies, garden roses, and ranunculus make this bouquet fun and flirty, while a goblet-like vase adds order and discipline. This arrangement by @sweetthornflora demonstrates that peaches, pinks, and oranges can come together with the essence of both youth and elegance. A great option for spring weddings as well as fall.

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Whether for a bridesmaid, flower girl, or simply to take on the guise on flower child, this wreath incorporates aptly named purple beautyberries, various shades of chrysanthemums, and pale hydrangeas. We’d also love to see some dahlias and perhaps some hypericum berries to add jolts of red.

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The cheery, pom-pom-like appearance of marigolds transforms into a decadent yet playful nature-inspired curtain. While it’s not a bouquet, it’s undeniably a gorgeous way to bring blooms unexpectedly into your home.

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Raspberry and black currant foliage add pops of green to this subtly colored arrangement. Globe-shaped white and dusty peach colored pom pom dahlias and scattered zinnias also warm up the selection.

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Roses, succulents, eucalyptus, sea holly, and more! It’s hard to narrow down our favorite elements in this fall wedding bouquet, but we’re going with the contrast between the sweet peach elements and the deep green ones.

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A riot of flower garden favorites makes this bouquet a wonder to behold. The sunset shades of garden roses, dahlias, ranunculus, and pincushion protea combine with berries, white astilbe, and other assorted blooms to create a rainbow arrangement.

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We never would have guessed succulents and airplants could make for such a classic and elegant bridal bouquet. The cool, refined color palette is awesome for a formal affair. We love how parts of the bouquet can be deconstructed and put in a terrarium to keep the memory of the day alive.

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Although this bouquet recalls the verdant juiciness of spring, it actually includes numerous fall-friendly florals and plants including ruffly coxcomb, lotus pods, artichoke, blackberries, leucadendron, and bush ivy.

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This modern, exotic-looking, and pared down arrangement would make the ultimate “I’m not trying too hard, but I’ve got impeccable taste” statement. A few coxcomb and protea on a bed of green trick dianthus are chic, yet still showcase plenty of personality.

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Chinese lanterns have a magical, playful appearance. This bunch gets intertwined with like-colored lilies for a fiery bouquet. Decorative and warm, they’ll brighten up your table and take little skill to appear structural.

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We’d love to have this arrangement as the centerpiece for a fall party. Dark green ornamental plants and grasses combine with harvest-reminiscent dried stalks and whimsical clematis for a bouquet that embraces the line between masculine and feminine.

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