thanksgiving centerpiece ideas Green Flowers on pink background

produced & styled by  ALYSSA CLOUGH photography by  MICHAEL WILTBANK

We don’t have to tell you that hosting over the holidays is a costly to-do. And that includes smaller, pre-Thanksgiving dinner parties. So in the spirit of budget-friendly tablescapes, we created four easy options to inspire you to create your own this fall.

under $40

Your favorite tropical leaves don’t have to be saved for next spring. Spray paint a pair of Monstera leaves copper and gold (or whichever metallics you prefer) for a simple, warmer take on statement leaf centerpieces. We chose to faintly ombre the edges and leave the fronds green to allow some natural color to peek through. Not a fan of tropical leaves? Pick up a bunch of more seasonal greens from your local florist.


thanksgiving centerpiece ideas Green and Orange Vignette

under $30

You already know your pumpkin patch or farmers market haul looks good on your counter, so make use of extras (before cooking and eating!) and arrange beautifully across your table. Look for veggies rich in color and unique in shape, and don’t forget the seasonal gourds, tiny pumpkins, and apples. Pick up pine cones in your yard (orpurchase at your local craft store for $3-4) for an extra accent.

thanksgiving centerpiece ideas Green and Wood Table Setting

under $20

Use wooden cheese boards or an eclectic bunch of serving trays as the base for a low-lying centerpiece. Add spray painted pinecones, budget florals, rope, smaller mixed metal vessels, or whatever seasonal, pretty items you already own for a more personal tablescape.

thanksgiving centerpiece ideas Green Flowers
Photography by MICHAEL WILTBANK Image by Madeline Montoya

under $10

It’s as easy as picking up stray branches from your yard or the park—leaves or no leaves—for a natural, free, and seasonal centerpiece. Create additional visual interest by wrapping twine or ribbon around a vase and congratulate yourself on creating the most budget-friendly centerpiece ever.