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We might only be two days into 2019, but rest assured there are a handful of people who are already second-guessing their New Year’s resolution. Whether your goal spans one month or 365 days, sticking to a promise is hard. Luckily, there’s an app for that.

With every passing year and new generation, Amazon’s Alexa-enabled Echo smart speakers only get better. According to Insider, the home device can now perform over 70,000 programmed tasks, also called Alexa Skills. In celebration of the year ahead, the commerce giant recently revealed the most popular Alexa skills from 2018. While Amazon’s all-encompassing list also included categories like games and family activities, we have our eye on the year’s top habits and wellness requests.

If your 2019 resolution happens to be more involved than, say, staying up to date on the news or knowing the weather at all times, Alexa’s untapped apps will get you one step closer to keeping your promise. With a skill fitting for every resolution, here are a few of our favorite leading tasks to test out.

Resolution: Eight hours of sleep

Unwanted noise stopping you from catching quality z’s? Ask Alexa to “open Sleep Sounds” and nod off to ambient, meditative tunes.

Resolution: Be your own top chef

Ina Gartens in the making can ask Alexa to open Chop Chop when they need step-by-step instructions on slicing and dicing. Just name the fruit or veggie you wish to cut, and before you know it, your fellow home cooks will be bringing their produce questions to you.

Resolution: Arrive on time

Are you late to every Monday morning meeting because you can never find your smartphone? Forget scrambling around the kitchen: Just ask Alexa to “find my phone.”

Resolution: Stock up on knowledge

Show up to your next get-together with a slew of conversation starters by adding “Make Me Smart” by Marketplace to your daily listening list. The show’s hosts will get you up to speed on the economy, tech, and current events.

Resolution: Meditate more often

Meditation might be the most popular resolution—and the trickiest to stick to. With a fresh meditation every day and a sleep exercise for when you’re ready to wind down, “Headspace” makes reaching your preferred state of zen that much easier.

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