The last time anyone relied on flames for practical purposes was around 1879—but don’t let that stop you from living your life by candlelight. Anyway, IKEA is making it a lot easier. The retailer just announced its Värmer holiday collection (officially launching in October), and our attention is sharply on the cool candleholders.

Actually, to call them candleholders is to seriously limit their range. There’s a mirror with an attached alcove for one, ideal for your entry, so you can do that final lipstick check in soft lighting. There’s an almost medieval-looking chandelier with tapers for arms, good for both dinner parties and holding court, depending on the type of evening you’re after. The Värmer line also includes two twists on more traditional candlesticks: a modular version, made to be personalized to the shape du jour, and a wacky silver option where the base is actually a tiny container.  


Photo by IKEA courtesy of kimi kahara

Photo by IKEA courtesy of niby niebo

Photo by IKEA courtesy of Ninni Luhtasaari

Photo by IKEA courtesy of niby niebo

Of course, there’s a lot more in the way of holiday entertaining than just flammable accents. IKEA also debuted red-and-white, enamel-look-alike servingware; avocado-shaped bowls; and a chic bentwood magazine holder—all of which will last you way past December. The products were created by two teams of designers from different parts of the world—one from Kenya, one from Sweden—to create a collection that feels globally unifiedWe’d call it a success. After all, everyone loves a candle, no matter the zip code. 


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