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It’s 4 p.m. You turn to your kitchen-slash-office to scavenge for a pick-me-up and are faced with…the same pantry contents you’ve been dealing with for weeks. If you’re ready for a snack revamp, we have some good news from Trader Joe’s. The store is releasing a ton of new products, all of them perfect for satisfying that afternoon craving. 

For a savory treat, we have our eye on mustard-flavored pretzels and Synergistically Seasoned Popcorn—tongue twister aside, it’s basically just the regular version sprinkled with a medley of fancy flavorings

For those with a sweet tooth: Keep a lookout for These Sprinkles Walk Into a Sandwich Cookies. The treat is described as a birthday cake in sandwich cookie form, which sounds exactly like the sugar boost that’s needed to beat a midday slump. 

If your grazing looks more like a series of mini meals, we suggest the pork and ginger soup dumplings (just zap them in the microwave for a quick bite) or the not-yet-named truffle-infused ketchup. It’s a limited edition and would make a great accompaniment to fries. 

The items should start to roll out in early May; in the meantime, we have other ideas to help tide you over. Try a snack box delivery to spice up your routine, or indulge in an alcohol-free cocktail to sip while sorting through your inbox. We’ll try any excuse to make emailing more fun.

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