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Home is where the heart is, especially right now, even when the days are starting to meld together. The good news: Making daily rituals feel extra-special—like setting the dinner table with linens (and candles!), drinking juice from freshly squeezed oranges, and slipping into ultra-cozy pajamas before watching Tiger King—can help.

In the hopes of making all your home lives a bit more joyful, we crowdsourced the best self-isolation splurges from some of our favorite people. Want to take your popcorn to the next level? Check. Ready to upgrade your sweatpants game? Check. Need a little something to help you fall asleep? Check, check, check. Here’s to transforming your home into a brighter place, starting now.

The Sleep Helper

I splurged on a bunch of new books (I’m loving Save Me the Plums by Ruth Reichl right now) and a gravity blanket, because I haven’t been able to sleep. —Ariel Okin, interior designer

Cooling Gravity Blanket
Cooling Blanket, Gravity ($199)

The Movie Night Snack

Right now, I’m really into making a huge batch of homemade popcorn using mushroom popcorn kernels (they are big and beautiful) in my Great Jones Dutchess pot; drizzling it with Brightland olive oil; and seasoning it with Bragg Nutritional Yeast (a pantry essential!), Momofuku Tingly seasoned salt, a pinch of Aleppo pepper, and Japanese Togarashi. The whole process brings me joy: the sound of popping kernels and the taste-testing to make sure the seasoning is just right. And it’s even better the next day if you can resist not eating the entire bowl! —Holly Liss Jammet, founder of Enlisst

Momofuku Seasoned Salts
Seasoned Salts, Momofuku ($28)

The New Uniform

My self-isolation splurge has been multiple toys for my son to keep him busy during the quarantine. I also bought two pairs of sweats from Entireworld: one for myself and one for my son to stay comfy and cozy while we are stuck at home. They are my new favorite sweats! —Hilary Matt, interior designer

Entireworld Sweats
Sweats, Entireworld ($88)

The Farmers’ Market Delivery

I have been upping my cooking game and decided to take the leap and order farm-to-table boxes. They not only support the local economy, but I don’t have to leave home to go to the market. Instead, a box of fresh produce is delivered right to my door on a weekly basis. We ordered our first box (which came within five days) from Farm Fresh to You. The silver lining about being stuck at home is that it has allowed me to actually hit the reset button. —Haley Weidenbaum, founder of Everhem

Shopping Guides photo
Mixed Fruit and Veggie Box, Farm Fresh to You ($35)

The Skin Savior

Right now I’m working on getting my skin in shape while I’m able to give it a break from makeup and pore-clogging products. I love Dr. Barbara Sturm Daily Moisturizer, Irene Forte Apricot Face Peel, and Goop Glow Microderm Instant Glow Exfoliator. For me, it’s about the ritual and the feeling that I’m getting that time to myself twice a day. Plus, I can see results every day, which is awesome. Finally, something I’m in control of! —Sylvana Ward Durrett, CEO and cofounder of Maisonette

Irene Forte Apricot Face Peel Enzymatic
Apricot Face Peel Enzymatic, Irene Forte ($77)

The Home Improvement Task

This week I bought these super-fun collapsible storage bins by Hay. I also purchased this storage canister and bathroom tumbler by Blomus for both of our bathrooms. Self-isolation has put us into total home-organization mode. We have been trying to take advantage of the time to really deep-dive into some details that frankly we have not, until now, had the time to devote to. There is something so calming for me to have all of my toiletries tucked away in their specific storage containers rather than floating out in the open. —Jenny Kaplan, cofounder of Pieces Home

HAY Collapsible Storage Bins
Collapsible Storage Bins, HAY ($6)

The Pet Project

We’ve been looking for ways to support our small local businesses right now, so I bought a few beautiful flowering houseplants from my local florist on Shelter Island. The plants are blooming, and as nice as it is to bring some natural life into the house, the distraction of maintenance is even more of a gift. Caring for them is included on the boys’ chore list, and growth progress is included in dinner conversations and science projects! —Christine Gachot, cofounder of Gachot Studios

Pink Anthurium, The Sill
Pink Anthurium, The Sill ($65)

The Immune-Boosting Elixir

I’ve been drinking Organifi green juice every morning to help boost immunity. It has everything from spirulina and turmeric (which I swear by) to ashwagandha. It’s nice to start off your day by investing in your health. The kids drink it, too! —Jeremiah Brent, interior designer

Organifi Green Juice
Green Juice, Organifi ($70)

The WFH Accessory

I’ve been working from home, so I bought a lamp from Overstock. Although it’s a small purchase, it has really elevated my space and was the perfect finishing touch for my apartment! —Nicole Gibbons, founder of Clare

Shopping Guides photo
Oursler Metal Floor Lamp, Strick & Bolton ($170)

The Fancy Dinner

We splurged on a case of wine with a few bottles of champagne thrown in the mix. It makes everything feel better, of course, but it gives us something to look forward to in the evenings. We’ve also really cut down the amount of red meat we eat, but the other day we bought two organic grass-fed filet mignons. The best part was we got to eat them for lunch, something we never get a chance to do while working at the store. Not to mention red meat is a great source of zinc and selenium (both immune boosters needed right now). —Fabiana Faria and Helena Barquet, cofounders of Coming Soon
Naked Wines Case
Date Night 6-Pack, Naked Wines ($97)

The Gardening Essentials

I’ve been distracting myself by becoming immersed in the world of flowers and plants. For inspiration and supplies, I go to Sarah Raven; she’s old school and still sends out catalogs. It’s a novelty to leaf through and mark what sparks my curiosity. I ordered some bulbs last week and will enjoy watching in wonder as they slowly unfurl and come to life. —Matilda Goad, designer and House & Garden contributing editor

Sarah Raven Dahlias
Strawberries and Cream Dahlia Collection, Sarah Raven ($30)

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