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You might walk into Trader Joe’s with a specific list in mind, only to abandon it moments later in favor of a trolley filled with cult-favorite seasonings and packets of frozen gnocchi. It’s okay, it happens. But next time you find yourself impulse shopping the aisles, make a pit stop in the plant section—TJ’s money trees are back.

According to a representative for the store, the houseplant is a seasonal offering, in stock for a limited time only. Eager shoppers have already started sharing their purchases on Instagram. If you’re looking to expand your greenery portfolio for spring, you could do a lot worse. Money trees are resilient, easy to grow, and reportedly bring you good luck. And while they usually retail for anywhere between $30 and $150, Trader Joe’s version is a total steal—it’ll only cost you $9. 

One of their very few finicky qualities is their need to eventually be repotted (they are mini trees, after all). Given that this is also an excellent way to upgrade supermarket flora, we put together our own shopping list of stylish starter planters:

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