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No one ever said that parenting comes without its challenges—even if your only offspring are the plants in your apartment. A new report released by Article shares that seven in ten millennials consider themselves plant parents, and the biggest struggle they have with keeping their progeny alive is extremely relatable. Of the 2,000 respondents surveyed, half of them said that their greatest difficulty is finding proper lighting. After all, when your beloved ficus isn’t getting enough rays during the day, it’s easy for it to wilt away, even if you swear you’ve been keeping up your watering routine.

Luckily, the solution is simple: Figure out, realistically, how much light your space gets, and pick your plant accordingly. A monstera, for instance, might not flourish in the dark, but you can count on a snake plant to be pretty reliable. Or if you’re a beginner to the whole green thumb lifestyle, a pothos or philodendron won’t let you down. All you need to do is think strategically. That way, you (hopefully) won’t be a part of the 67 percent of millennials who call themselves “plant murderers.”

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