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Christopher Griffin aka Plant Kween is no stranger to greenery. Since buying his first green girl four years ago, the Brooklyn-based “plantfluencer” skyrocketed to Instagram fame for his bright botanicals, plant-care tips, and positivity-infused feed that seems to transcend the boundaries of an iPhone screen. Now, in between profiles on big-name media platforms, partnerships with millennial-focused greenery brands, and continuing to spread his expertise on the Internet and beyond, Griffin’s home houses more than 160 plants, from cacti to ferns. Their lives are all documented online (along with Griffin’s infectious smile and impeccable outfits) as part of his goal to spread joy to the world as a Black, queer femme. “I think that Black joy, Black happiness, Black laughter, and Black love is just revolutionary. It’s radical. And in order for us to sustainably engage in ally-ship for the Black community, we have to take care of ourselves,” Griffin explains to Domino editor-in-chief Jessica Romm Perez in this week’s episode of Design Time. “That’s the framework I operate from, understanding that my joy and happiness are crucial for me to be able to show up for other people on a daily basis.”

If you’re hoping to learn who’s inspiring Griffin right now (spoiler alert, it’s a combination of Michelle Obama, Bob the Drag Queen, and Beyoncé), discover inside tips on how to keep houseplants alive, or simply feel inspired by his unyielding zeal for life, tune in to today’s episode on Spotify and Apple Podcast. Throughout, Griffin discusses his current favorite plants to help get your own collection started. Here’s a sneak peek at his picks.

Snake Plants

My absolute favorite low-maintenance plant is the snake plant. I have about 30 of them in my home. The snake plant is one of the best air purifiers, and it releases a lot of oxygen and moisture into the air. It sucks out toxins. And you don’t have to water the queen often.”

Courtesy ofCourtesy of Christopher Griffin


In terms of flowers, sunflowers are my favorite. My grandmother loved, loved, loved sunflowers. They are always my favorite flower, regardless of what month it is.” 


I really, really love cacti. They come in so many different shapes and shades, and they grow in so many different ways. You just want to make sure that they’re getting a lot of bright light and that you’re not overwatering them.”

Courtesy ofCourtesy of Christopher Griffin


“Ferns require a lot of love. They love moisture and humidity. I feel like the green thumb is a myth. Just match the plant needs to your own behavior, your own capabilities, and the amount of time you can take care of a plant. If you’re a person that is an over-nurturer, get a fern, because they need a lot of attention.”


“My favorite monstera is the classic that everyone sees: the monstera deliciosa. I love that queen. I have at least two I’m propagating right now. And then I have my variegated monstera, which is the monstera with a white part in the leaves because it lacks chlorophyll. That queen is a little moodier and requires a bit more attention. But I’ve had her for three years now, and she’s looking lush.”

Courtesy ofCourtesy of Christopher Griffin