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We typically tune into the Trader Joe’s podcast for intel on the latest new food items (see: Everything But the Elote)—you never know when the next cauliflower gnocchi could be around the corner. The latest episode goes beyond pantry staples, though, looking at the retailer’s household offerings. There’s one exciting upcoming launch that we’re pretty sure will change our laundry game: TJ’s is introducing soap nuts. 

Soap nuts are basically the eco-conscious solution to chemical-laden detergents. They’re made from actual berries that are filled with saponin, a natural cleaning element that breaks down stains and dissolves in the wash. Amazon already sells a handful of these products—though with Trader Joe’s version, you’ll be able to find them at your local store, neatly packaged inside tiny muslin bags. 

Unfortunately, there’s no set debut date for this interesting product, but we’ll definitely be keeping our eyes peeled. It’s another easy swap to make our home more sustainable; plus, if anything can help us pare back our laundry room cupboards, we’re already on board. 

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