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Trader Joe’s has been a fan favorite in the foodie world as of late, serving up offerings with the potential to create a cultlike following. From Speculoos Cookie Butter to Everything But the Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend and everything in between, there is no stopping the fresh-format grocery store when it comes to sparking a food craze.

The latest product to garner serious interest is its frozen cauliflower gnocchi, the brand’s low-calorie and gluten-free answer to the Italian staple. While we’ve established that the best way to whip these up is by frying them (in lieu of steaming, per the instructions on the package), a little more flavor can definitely do the gnocchi some good. With that in mind, we set out to uncover the many ways you can reinvent this easy dish. Take a look.  

Courtesy of I Am A Food Blog

Cacio e Pepe Cauliflower Gnocchi

Parmesan and butter are all you need for this low-lift recipe from I Am A Food Blog, which transforms the gnocchi into a Roman classic.

Courtesy of Pinch of Yum

Instant Pot Short Rib Ragu With Cauliflower Gnocchi

For a heartier spin, take note from Pinch of Yum and pair the gnocchi with seared short ribs cooked in a rich marinara and red wine sauce.

Courtesy of Climbing Grier Mountain

Cauliflower Gnocchi Mac and Cheese

This just might be the healthy(ish) take on mac and cheese that your life was missing. And with the addition of Cheddar and a spiced panko topping, you’ll hardly notice the difference.

Courtesy of How Sweet Eats

Cauliflower Gnocchi With Marinara

The recipe gets a no-frills treatment from How Sweet Eats. Simply saute in a marinara sauce and top with a generous layer of freshly grated Parmesan.

Courtesy of Paleo Gluten Free Eats

Cauliflower Gnocchi Paleo Casserole

Yes, this casserole is Paleo-friendly, but you won’t be compromising on taste or flavor here. The standout is a homemade rosemary-sage cream sauce made with coconut cream that’s gluten- and dairy-free.

Courtesy of Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

Skillet Cauliflower Gnocchi

Lexi’s Clean Kitchen reinvents the Trader Joe’s staple with a one-skillet recipe featuring Italian seasoning, baby spinach, and mozzarella.

Courtesy of Simply Delicious

Lamb Ragu With Cauliflower Gnocchi

Building on the lighter cauliflower gnocchi base, this slow-cooked lamb ragu adds depth thanks to a garlic and red wine tomato sauce.

Courtesy of It’s Taylor Marie

Cauliflower Gnocchi With Sauteed Veggies

For an easy spring meal, saute the gnocchi with a medley of seasonal veggies—think mushrooms, carrots, and baby kale.

Courtesy of Kate S. Lyon

Cauliflower Gnocchi With Butternut Squash Sauce and Roasted Vegetables

This gluten-free (and Whole30-compliant) dish includes a coconut cream sauce with bacon and fragrant notes of basil.

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