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The Trader Joe’s podcast is a font of wisdom. It’s how we discovered the reason behind the Hawaiian shirt mania and gleaned valuable intel about the products employees can’t get enough of. This week’s podcast episode provided something even more exciting: a look at all the cool new products launching in the month ahead.

While the year’s first episode of “Inside Trader Joe’s” was focused largely around the brand’s significant sustainability efforts—as if you needed another reason to love the store, it’s one of the few supermarkets actively trying to reduce its carbon footprint—it also gave insight into what we can expect to see on the shelves soon. Here’s the highlight reel.

Trader Joe’s Is Making Health-Conscious Strides

Great news for gluten-intolerant pizza aficionados: Your dreams of making pizza from scratch are about to become a reality. Gluten-free dough is going to make an appearance in the deli case this month. Also, TJ’s hears your pleas for more organic options, and as a result, is bringing a slew of organic cookies to its shelves.


More of a purist when it comes to healthy food? Don’t worry. The brand is also adding a new salad kit to the mix. It’s called the Gochujang Chop Salad and it’s allegedly delicious.

More Excuses to Eat Pasta

On the flip side, this will be a big month for comfort food. Something called “outside-in gnocchi,” which includes sauce and cheese inside the gnocchi, will be making an appearance very soon. Suffice it to say, we’re setting Google alerts for this exciting debut.

Another highly anticipated development in the pasta aisle is the forthcoming Caprese Ravioli, which is exactly what it sounds like. Matt Sloan, the vice president of marketing product, has a tasty serving recommendation: “I’m thinking after you boil these quickly, [try] a little pan searing and then a Balsamic glaze, and add a bunch of torn up basil.” Noted.

Indulge Your Guac Obsession

A snack-pack version of chips and guac is coming. Do with that information what you will.


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