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You know to turn to IKEA when you need new kitchen cabinets, a sofa for the guest bedroom, or—let’s be honest—a plate of meatballs. But now the Swedish retailer is making a commitment to not just make your home look cooler—it wants to make it smarter, too. IKEA has just increased its investment in developing smart home gadgets, and suddenly the future’s looking a lot brighter, sleeker, and more Scandi-chic.

Of course, this isn’t the brand’s first foray into the world of the high-tech house. It recently released speakers in partnership with Sonos, and back in 2017, it launched a line of smart lighting. In the U.K., IKEA even sells solar panels. So what could be next? For now, it’s a mystery, but here are a few things on our wish list.

TVs That Don’t Look Terrible

We all know how hard it is to make your TV blend in with the rest of your decor. Sure, there are some attractive options out there, but LG’s rollable TV and Samsung’s Frame TV come at steep prices. So we have our fingers crossed that IKEA comes out with an option that either looks great right off the bat or can be tucked away easily—without breaking our budget too much. 

Cool (in Appearance and Effect) Air Conditioners

When you don’t have central air, a window unit is an absolute necessity, especially when you’re facing a heat wave. But here’s the rub: Most window units are bulky, unsightly, and hard to clean. Won’t you join us in fantasizing about a super-chic Scandinavian alternative?

Mood Lighting That Actually Boosts Your Mood

We’re big believers in color therapy, which is why we love color-changing lightbulbs that can set the vibe, no matter what we’re feeling. And as summer slowly comes to an end, we’re on the hunt for lighting options that distract us from the fact that the days are getting shorter and darker. We’re hoping IKEA might eventually put out its own SAD lamp—after all, the Nordic countries are pretty much experts at making it through the long winter months. 

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