The First-Ever Rollable TV Is Here and It’s a Game Changer

Small-space dwellers, rejoice.

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Here’s a tricky, though common, problem: You want a TV with great resolution, a large screen for movie nights, and perfect placement in front of a comfy seating arrangement, but you don’t want a massive black screen dominating your space when it’s not in use. Thanks to a new development by LG, there’s finally a solution.

Revealed this week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the electronics brand’s new model of its high-resolution, flat-screen Oled TV features a base (that doubles as a speaker) into which the screen can roll up when not in use. With built-in Google Assistant and Alexa, the screen can be rolled up or down with a simple voice command.

courtesy of LG

The base itself is sleek and contemporary and can sit atop a stand or directly on the floor, so if you want to put your TV in front of a window, you won’t block your view anytime you’re not watching it. A partial view option also shows just a sliver of the screen on which users can see weather reports, display images, and use a home dashboard.

Expected to go on sale later this year, this TV is likely to come with a steep cost: Another (non-rolling) version of the Oled goes for over $1,500. But don’t worry if you can’t shell out for this major innovation—there are still plenty of ways to blend your TV screen in with your interior style.

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