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The ‘Thank You’ notes have been delivered and your honeymoon tan has officially faded: The wedding fun is officially said and done, and it’s not unusual to feel a little blue about it. The best way to get back in good spirits? Looking over the guest book is a great place to start reminiscing. Along with cooler hues, woodsy decor, and DIY food stations, unique guest books are expected to grace 2018’s hottest wedding trends (well, according to Pinterest’s latest trend report, anyway).

While simple signature albums certainly get the job done on the big day, guests feel more motivated to jot down thoughtful notes (that go beyond “Congrats!”) when given a more creative surface to work with—whether it be a vintage surfboard or custom playing cards. Considering wedding planning season is in full swing, we’re sharing our favorite alternative guest books that you’ll cherish forever.

A Personal Photo Album

Meet the guest book you’ll actually want to display on your coffee table. Handwritten notes from loved ones will add a personal touch to the pages of a custom photo album, like this one from Artifact Uprising that comes in 10 chic fabric colors. All you and your spouse-to-be have to do is fill its pages with your favorite images and let guests take care of the rest.


File Well Wishes

For the Type A couple with a well-organized wedding in mind, this too-cute index-inspired guest book serves as a charming way to encourage guests to share their happiness or impart wisdom. Flipping through everyone’s well wishes becomes a breeze when messages are alphabetized. This set was made by Lovely Design.


Vintage Surfboard

A not-so-typical way to collect warm regards? Switch out pen and paper for a sharpie and a vintage surfboard. This alternative guest book will quickly become a statement piece in your home—especially if you or your partner is a die-hard surfer (or if the wedding was somewhere tropical).

A Book That Prompts Conversation

No matter how many glasses of champagne you have, it’s always a little awkward when you’re seated at a table with total strangers. Help attendees break the ice with individualized guest books that pose provocative questions. Whether you ask them to ponder the future or recall a funny memory, this is a surefire way to get some very interesting responses.


Polaroid Scrapbook

Let’s be honest, a book of names is pretty boring to read. Instead of asking for signatures, hand them a camera so they can visually document the day. For added excitement, invite them to accessorize with fake mustaches, emoji masks, and other fun props.


One-of-a-Kind Playing Cards

While still faced with a blank slate, colored pencils and playing cards make jotting down a thoughtful note on the fly seem like less of a daunting task—as guests experiencing writer’s block can simply draw what they mean to say. We love how these newlyweds thought to stow away their mementos in a whimsical wooden box.  


Fanciful Envelopes

Everyone loves a good love letter. Slip these pretty patterned envelopes from BHLDN inside your book so guests can enclose cards that carry sentiments of joy. When you and your spouse go through the letters later on, you’ll feel a sense of pure bliss with each new envelope that you open.


Record Wall Art

Your song shouldn’t have to fade with the memory of your wedding day—and neither should your guest list. Find a permanent place for both in your home by framing the record and everyone’s signatures with this clever Etsy find made by Bird & Key.

Playful Reminders

Once you and your partner fall into the rhythm of marriage, you may not end up revisiting wedding memories until your anniversary rolls around. But if your guests leave caring notes on something that you use and see regularly, you’ll never forget. Let guests in on game night by asking them to write on, say, your Jenga set or checkers board.

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