Published on September 14, 2019

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Potter, designer, and mischief master Jonathan Adler likes to fill his New York City home, which he shares with husband Simon Doonan (they married in 2008), with items are that are utilitarian, stylish, and most of all, fun. So it makes perfect sense that he’s also the brain behind Amazon’s impossibly chic Now House by Jonathan Adler line.

And so when it comes to furnishing your own love nest via an Amazon registry, Adler says you should follow your heart and go for the things that you just can’t imagine living without. “Ultimately, a registry is an opportunity for the people you love to get you the things you love,” Adler says. And if he were doing it again today, here are the home picks he’d register for, each of which sashays between form and function. There’s color, there’s personality, and most importantly, he’s obsessed with every single one of them. 

Use it in your dining room as a sideboard; in your entryway to corral mittens; in your living room for your TV. Just use it. Trust me.

We live in New York, which is the best city in the world–except for its air quality.

Not to brag, but my strawberry torte is pretty much perfect. With this tool, it may go from “pretty much” to “totally.”

If there’s one thing in the world I love, it’s a baked good. Even better if it’s something I made in this.

Life’s too short for something forgettable underfoot.

I’ve been cursed with poor sleep my whole life. Until I got a Casper mattress. I can’t wait to add this to my pillow wardrobe.

A lot groovier than some boring stainless steel cookware set.

Most of my day is spent designing teapots, making tea, or drinking tea. But I don’t like it lukewarm. This helps.

It’s chic, graphic–and I guarantee it will make your flowers look better.