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We’ve seen it all. Toasters, jewelry, travel funds, new-home funds, couples massages—wedding registries have heavily evolved through the years, some bordering on the outright outlandish. Flights for the family dog to join in on the honeymoon, anyone? But one thing remains constant: the occasional regret. 

Whether it’s playing it too safe or going all out on whatever decor fad that’s trending at the moment, mistakes happen. And in hindsight, they probably could have been avoided. To save you from the same mishaps, we turned to a few design-minded individuals to share their biggest wedding registry regrets—and what they would do differently now.

Thinking Short-term

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“Fabiana and I created a honeymoon fund and broke it down into small items, from a nice bottle of wine to a special dinner,” says Coming Soon’s Helena Barquet. “I do wish we had added some keepsake items, because they become special mementos you can treasure for a really long time, after the wedding.”

Instead…Register for that cool set of flatware or special vase that would otherwise be over your budget—this is one of the few instances you can get away with it.

Being Super-Specific

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“The geode bottle stoppers I loved (to dress up the gin and tequila on our bar cart) felt like something we’d have forever, but after a few years, we grew out of them,” says Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere.

Instead…Ask for pieces you’ll actually use in the long run, Schuman advises. Think: linens and dishware that will never go out of style.

Going Too Practical

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3-Piece Set, Le Creuset ($525)

“I regret only registering for basic, everyday china instead of the fancy china of my dreams. I was being practical (for once) and knew that I didn’t have storage in my New York City apartment for anything other than the staples,” recalls interior designer Liz Damrich. “Now that I’m out of the city with plenty of room to entertain, I find myself wishing for those special items that I can pass down one day, as well.”

Instead…Choose a few things that will have meaning to you throughout every season of your life, instead of getting caught up with what you need this very second. 

Playing It Safe

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Soho Vase, Now House by Jonathan Adler for Amazon ($73)

“From plates to linen napkins to small appliances, I stuck with the ‘safe’ choice of all-white everything,” says lifestyle blogger Camille Styles. “While practical, I wish I’d let myself have a little more fun with a unique print or beautiful color on at least a few of my registry items.”

Instead…Take a few risks with smaller decorative objects, such as candles and ornate vases.

Getting Overly Extravagant

“I regret registering for fancy wineglasses,” says Kate Arends of Wit & Delight. “We’ve broken half of them, and honestly, most often we choose to serve wine out of handblown juice glasses or short glass tumblers. It’s relaxed, casual, and feels special and unique to our style of hosting.”

Instead…Opt for budget-friendly glassware that only looks luxe. 

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