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We’ve all heard of someone getting cold feet right before they walk down the aisle, but what about when they’re putting together their registry? With an infinite amount of gifts to choose from (china isn’t the only acceptable present these days), doubt can sink in fast. Choose your arsenal wisely, and your kitchen pantry, linen closet, and living room will thank you later. Make too many impulse decisions—scuba diving with sharks or an abundance of dessert spoons, for example—and you’re bound to be filled with postnuptial regret. Fortunately, a new study conducted for Erie Insurance is giving couples the touch of confidence they need. 

The survey, which gathered information from 500 U.S Americans who registered between 2013 and 2018, asked respondents about items they didn’t include but now wish they had, as well as gifts they’re still glad they got from guests. We can’t say we were surprised that newlyweds who didn’t opt for hardworking kitchen tools (think: stand mixers and air fryers) consider it a big mistake, but we were a little taken aback by the things couples were continually grateful to have on hand. Apparently, you can’t go wrong with travel essentials, cleaning supplies, and a screwdriver.

Lawn Equipment 

13% of people registered; 84% are still glad they did


20% of people registered; 90% are still glad they did

Bread Maker 

12% of people registered; 81% are still glad they did 

Robotic Vacuum 

17% of people registered; 88% are still glad they did


21% of people registered; 92% are still glad they did

Lesson learned: Exotic excursions are great and all if you’re a couple that loves to travel. But for the average duo, it’s all about maximizing function where it matters.

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