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For a newly engaged couple, setting up a gift registry is a fun first step in the wedding planning process. (Who doesn’t love getting showered with presents?) But for guests, picking and purchasing a gift can be downright stressful. The daunting question on everyone’s mind, of course, being: What is the appropriate amount to spend on said wedding gift? Go too low and you run the risk of insulting the newlyweds. Ballpark it too high and you’ll be paying for it for months (literally). Fortunately for all the worriers out there, a new survey has determined the sweet spot.

Using information compiled from nearly 3,500 registries in the U.S. that were associated with weddings scheduled between January 2019 and December 2019, a recent report from The Black Tux revealed exactly what couples are putting on their registries and, more important, how much they’re asking guests to shell out on stainless steel cookware and organic bath soap sets. The survey found that the national average price of a wedding registry item came in at, drumroll please, $35.19. Crazy reasonable, right?

How should you spend your $35? We came up with a few winning ideas:

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